August 17, 2020

Greenview Beaver Harvest Program Introduced to Reduce Damage to Infrastructure and Croplands

Beaver management can be challenging and is an ongoing hurdle to overcome throughout the municipality. In efforts to protect municipal infrastructure from water movement problems, the MD of Greenview has implemented a beaver harvest incentive. The beaver harvest incentive program, a first for Greenview, was approved by Council in July and is set to start in August.

Beaver dam building activities have contributed to flooding on Greenview roads, damage to agriculture crops, and private property.

“The past few years have brought heavy precipitation, and when combined with beavers moving into areas prone to flooding, has created water concerns for Greenview infrastructure and property owners throughout the municipality,” stated Reeve Dale Smith. “Seeing that similar policies in other rural Alberta municipalities are proving to be an effective method in addressing this challenge, Greenview is hopeful that this approach will reduce further damage to critical infrastructure and private property.”

The program will pay $30 per beaver to property owners and hunters with property owner permission. A trapper or hunter must enter into a contract of participation for the harvest incentive program and adhere to the Harvest Incentive Policy. Through this program, eligible individuals may receive monetary compensation with the presentation at a location designated by Municipal District Administration of a beaver harvested lawfully within Greenview boundaries.


See the full release here: Beaver Harvest Program Introduced to Reduce Damage to Infrastructure and Croplands

For more information on the Beaver Harvest Program, please click here.

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