Welcoming our Moose

The Municipal District of Greenview is happy to welcome our moose mascot, to the team! He’s a fun and happy fellow that is always excited to say hello. If you see him out and about be sure to wave and say hi!

Colouring Book

Have you seen Greenview’s colouring book? If you would like a copy you can download a printable version here!

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Greenview Announces Mascot Naming Contest Winners

Students at Son Rise and Susa Creek Schools in Grande Cache and St. Stephen’s in Valleyview had a special visitor recently. Greenview staff were on hand in Grande Cache on June 19th to announce the winners of the mascot naming and colouring contests. Jaely Moberly of Son Rise School suggested the winning name of Moberly Moose. Colouring contest winners were Mira El Hakim of Son Rise School in the Grades 1-2 category and Wannetta Karakuntie from Susa Creek for Grades 3-4. Moberly and Greenview Communications staff also surprised the students at St. Stephen’s School in Valleyview today for the final assembly of the school year. The colouring contest prize for Grade 5-6 was awarded to Grade Six student Princess Elisha Salvador from St. Stephen’s.

Moberly Moose’s name was selected in an online vote of names suggested by students across the municipality. There were 50 entries in the contest from students throughout the region including Grande Cache, Valleyview, Grovedale and Jasper. The mascot’s name is a tribute to Greenview’s history and the many hard working families who have built our communities. Archaeological studies show that people have been living, working and travelling through the land we now call Greenview for thousands of years. The Moberly family began working as fur traders and trappers along the eastern slopes in the 1860’s and are among the first recorded settlers in the Grande Cache area. Descendants of Henry John Moberly still live in the Grande Cache area today and the winning name was suggested by Grade Two student Jaely who is part of the Moberly family.

The process of designing and naming Moberly included public input on the themes that best represent Greenview’s communities. Hoofed animals like moose can be found in rural areas throughout the municipality and ungulates were chosen as our most representative animals with support from over 75 per cent of respondents. Other symbols and features were added to capture unique aspects of our region. Moberly Moose wears green glasses, which give him a “Green View” and play on the tagline “Expand Your Vision”. His glasses also feature an evergreen tree as a nod to the forestry industry and Moberly’s home in the forests of Greenview. Moberly proudly wears Greenview’s tourism logo and is dressed in hiking gear, ready to explore this incredible region.

Moberly joined the Greenview team in the summer of 2017 and was warmly welcomed by crowds at parades and events across the municipality. Taking shape from our wildlife and surroundings, Moberly is a larger than life creature embodying the adventurous and friendly nature of Greenview’s residents. If you see Moberly and his team at public events please come by to say hello! He especially likes taking selfies with his favourite people at scenic places around Greenview. Follow Moberly’s adventures online @mdofgreenview on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter.