UPDATED MAY 29, 2020

General guidance

This guidance supports all workplaces in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

General workplace guidance for business owners re-opening or continuing operations (PDF, 1.3  MB)

Relaunch plan template for businesses (DOCX, 49 KB)

Enhanced infection prevention and control measures (AHS)

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) resources

Wearing non-medical masks (PDF, 285 KB)

Flushing water systems (PDF, 180 KB)

COVID-19 orders and legislation

Information posters


Sector guidance

This guidance supports sectors currently allowed to operate under public health orders.

Disability service providers

Dog parks (May 16)

Farmers’ markets (May 18)

Food processing operations (May 20)

Funeral homes (May 23)

Golf course operators (May 1)

Grocery stores (May 24)

Health non-essential services

Health sector PPE guidelines (May 2)

Homeless shelters (AHS)

Hotels, motels, bed and breakfast, and vacation rentals (May 23)

Industrial work camps (April 25)

Multi-family dwellings, condos and apartment buildings (May 23)

Post-secondary institutions (May 23)

Private and municipal campgrounds (May 18)

Shooting (firearm) ranges (May 25)

Planning for operations

This guidance is to prepare for Stage 1 relaunch starting May 14. The cities of Calgary and Brooks will reopen more gradually with some services resuming now.

Day camps (May 18)

Daycare & out-of-school care (May 23)

Graduation ceremonies (May 16)

Hair salons and barbershops (May 18)

Hunting and fishing lodges, camps and outfitters (May 23)

Interpretive attractions (May 24)

Malls and shopping centres (May 24)

Museums and art galleries (May 18)

Organized outdoor sport, physical activity and recreation (May 29)

Outdoor recreation (May 18, 6 languages)

Places of Worship (May 23, 12 languages)

Playgrounds (May 16)

Preschools (May 26)

Restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars (May 18, 6 languages)

Retail (May 11)

Taxis, limos and rideshares (May 24)

Plan for relaunch

When reopening, businesses should:

  • become familiar with the workplace guidance and relevant sector-specific guidance documents
  • identify and implement measures to comply with public health requirements and workplace guidance to reduce the risk of COVID-19 among staff and customers

An optional template is available to help business determine steps they should take when reopening:

Download: Relaunch considerations plan template (DOCX, 49 KB)

All resources and updates can be found at https://www.alberta.ca/biz-connect.aspx#guidance.

PPE supplies

As businesses prepare to reopen, it’s important to take measures to protect employees and customers:

  • practice good hygiene and thorough cleaning and disinfecting
  • use Health Canada approved hard-surface disinfectants and hand sanitizers for use against COVID-19 (search products by DIN number)
  • aid physical separation through barriers (Plexiglas), signage and floor markings, and traffic flow controls to limit the number of people in a space
  • use personal protective equipment (PPE)

Business owners can purchase PPE through the following procurement websites:

Alberta-based businesses that manufacture PPE can go to the Alberta Bits and Pieces website to find out how to help.