Crews will be in the Hamlet of Grovedale thought-out the month of November installing service lines in various locations. From November 4th to November 17th the Grovedale non-potable water point will be closed while services are installed to the new Grovedale Daycare and old Firehall (dates are subject to change based on construction). Residents are encouraged to use the South Wapiti non-potable water point for their bulk water needs. The new Grovedale potable water point is tentatively set to open on December 1st. If residents would like their accounts transferred from the non-potable water point to the new potable water point, please contact Accounts Receivable at 780-524-7600

The Hamlet of Landry Heights will also see crews working to complete the disinfection of the lines over the next few weeks. Landscaping is tentatively scheduled for the beginning of December.

Please watch your mail for the newest information update regarding the Grovedale and Landry Heights Water Distribution System or read it here .

Greenview would like to thank the residents for their patience throughout this project