Greenview Partners with Lightcatch

Greenview has partnered with LightCatch to help reduce rural crime rates, increase community awareness and collaboration using the free Lightcatch app.  Everyone who works or lives within Greenview will have the ability to report trouble and alert other app users nearby.

The LightCatch app is a crowdsource solution that is safe and easy for the public to use to alert others in their area of suspicious activity. All self-reported alerts on the app are entirely confidential, and the platform is managed by sophisticated programming to ensure facial anonymity. In addition, an operations team monitors and supervises submitted alerts 24 hours per day to minimize false and erroneous posts.

Lightcatch is used for community engagement and collaboration between neighbours.  It allows you to receive notifications of possible crimes within a 20km radius.  Lightcatch does not automatically report these crimes to the RCMP, so the first step would be to call 911 or your local RCMP detachment.

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