Greenview has a short update for our residents in Grande Cache. Administration has been in contact with our currently practicing doctors with the hopes of negotiating the continued operation of the existing clinic and have communicated that Greenview will potentially investigate providing a different facility if required. Our last meeting that had been scheduled with some of the practicing doctors was cancelled. They indicated they did not wish to pursue further talks with Greenview at that time. 

As for our newly recruited Doctors, our most recent update indicates that they are still planning to practice in Grande Cache. We have not heard anything from Alberta Health Services to contradict this belief to date. 

As this situation continues to unfold, Council has asked Administration to obtain 3 quotes for a complete renovation of the Eagles Nest Hall for the possibility of establishing a professional building that Doctors could choose to set up their clinic practices. Council has also asked Administration to continue to pursue the acquisition of a lease for the existing clinic upon its expiration with the current tenants. We are hopeful that these efforts will lessen potential barriers regarding doctor recruitment and retention. 

However, if our currently practicing and future Doctors choose not to use the potential facilities provided by Greenview, this is their choice. We want to assure all residents that Greenview will continue to work hard to mitigate the situation and will update you all whenever we have concrete details to share.