Greenview would like to thank patrons for their patience as we work through the mechanical issues we have encountered at our facility and would like to give you an update on the situation.

Ensuring the safety of our patrons is our priority, which has required us to close the facility multiple times temporarily.

We are experiencing intermittent mechanical issues, which can cause air quality issues. The air handling unit in the Fieldhouse has the potential to recirculate exhaust into the intake unit. This is caused by multiple factors, including fluctuating temperatures that create a frost build-up and wind direction.

Greenview has been working diligently to find solutions that will rectify the situation, including extending the unit’s flutes and installing specialized equipment to monitor the air quality of the building consistently. The necessary parts have been ordered, and we are awaiting delivery to complete the installation.

While we know these intermittent closures are not ideal, we continue to work to resolve the situation while ensuring the safety of all patrons and facility users.