This second webinar focuses on the practical steps and tips from industry experiences in co-packing. The webinar builds on the Best Practices for Working with a Co-packer introduction webinar of November 4, 2020.  You will hear from a panel of company speakers who have worked with a co-packer to produce their agricultural and food products as well as from a co-packer.  This webinar is 90 minutes in length.

The panel will provide perspectives from both sides of the co-packing relationship.  The company speakers will discuss what steps they took to be ready and how they selected a co-packer.  The co-packer will share what a co-packer will require from a company who wishes to co-pack.  All will share some of the challenges and tips for how to get the most from a co-packing relationship and work towards a successful outcome.

Following the industry panel presentation and questions, participants will have an opportunity to participate in a breakout session on co-packing in Alberta.  The breakout session will further explore emerging trends, considerations and sharing of best practices or tips that enable companies to expand sales through co-packing.

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