Greenview will update this page with all information and resources for residents who have been evacuated due to wildfires in the area as well as information for donations, livestock moving etc. Please watch all red sections on the Greenview website and our official Facebook pages for updated and timestamped posts for residents.

Returning Safely | Welcome Home Guide and Resources

Please review the Welcome Home Guide links below for important information to help you safely return to your home, including first steps, utility information, water safety, insurance information, FireSmart and more.

Welcome Home – A Guide to Re-Entry into your Home After an Evacuation

Re-Entry Guide – Appendix

Access Addiction & Mental Health Support 1-888-594-0211

24/7 Mental Health Helpline 1-877-303-2642

Healthlink – 811

Indigenous Support Line 1-844-944-4744

  • This is a dedicated support line to assist all Indigenous people in helping navigate the health system.

Province announces an Emergency Evacuation Payment

Alberta residents who had to leave their homes because of mandatory wildfire evacuation orders may be eligible for a one-time evacuation payment to help with accommodations, food and other necessities.

Eligible families will receive:

  • $1,250 for each adult
  • $500 for each dependent under the age of 18


You may qualify for the evacuation payment if you:

  • had to leave your home for 7 days or more due to an evacuation order
  • are 18 years or older (payments are also available for dependants)

Please visit the website here for more information: Alberta Emergency Evacuation Payment

Donations of clothing and personal hygiene items can be dropped off at Glitz’d Boutique in Valleyview.

Please call Beany at (780) 524-7556

The following list may be available for transportation of any livestock. Please contact them directly. If you are unable to move your livestock, please mark all livestock with blue or green spray paint, if possible, before evacuating so that your animals will be identified for Greenview.

For residents in or close to the Valleyview area, the Valleyview Agricultural Society has space for approximately 300 livestock; please call to speak with Joni at 780-524-8641 or BJ at 780-552-3428 to inquire about space.

Information on agriculture and livestock for evacuees – 310-4455

Billy Loewen 780-831-9115 Livestock Hauling Equipment Cattle Liner
Dash Trucking (Daniel) 780-834-0201 Livestock Hauling Equipment Cattle Liner
Dwayne & Kyra Patterson 780-814-4222 Livestock Hauling Equipment Cattle Liner
Josh Pinette 780-228-6529 Livestock Hauling Equipment Cattle Liner
Keith Stevenson 780-524-2617 Livestock Hauling Equipment Cattle Liner
Wesley Trucking (Dennis) 780-876-4449 Livestock Hauling Equipment Cattle Liner
Berry Klimp 780-552-3538 Livestock Hauling Equipment Cattle Liner
Richard Hughes 780-501-1944 Livestock Hauling Equipment Cattle Liner
Allen Rycroft 780-897-8827 Livestock Hauling Equipment Cattle Liner
Jason kooster 780-625-8805 Livestock Hauling Equipment Cattle Liner
Stock Trailer
Conrad Tschetter 780-552-4306 Land for Relocation Cattle Liner
Stock Trailer

May 5, 2023:

Request for Assistance from the Community – Do you have fenced land with access to a water source that you could make available to house displaced livestock?

Are you located west of Range Road 253 or north of Greenview? Do you have available bales to donate? Please add your information to a SmartSheet by visiting…/d23c46763091467bbaf4346cbf… or call the MD of Greenview Agricultural Services at 780-524-7621 to let us know what resources you have to assist during this time.  A reminder to livestock owners to discuss payment prior to livestock pickup.

For livestock concerns, please also contact Agricultural Services at 780-524-7621.

The Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies has posted a list of available sites on their website to accommodate evacuees – both people and livestock. Here is the link: SPACE FOR CAMPERS & LIVESTOCK – AAAS

People who are affected by the wildfires and are looking for livestock space can contact Alberta Auction Markets. All auction markets have space for livestock and they have a list on their website: Alberta Auction Markets Association. You can also call: North: 780-789-3915 South: 403-358-0456

 Alberta Beef Producers has posted a map of facilities available for evacuated animals HERE

 Alberta Equestrian Federation has created an emergency directory for owners in need to connect with those that can help HERE If you can provide assistance or need assistance, you can register on their directory.

 Alberta Veterinary Medical Association has a searchable vet directory if you are looking for vet services for impacted livestock HERE

 Livestock producers who are in need of grazing options during this emergency situation can call 310-LAND (5263) to be connected with a local agrologist. The government is accepting applications for temporary grazing on vacant public lands.

If you are able to provide feed / hay for those affected, you can post a free ad on use FIREAB in your ad so it can be easily searched. Land owners and managers with potential insurance coverage/claims should get in touch with their providers as soon as possible. Some claim windows may be as short as two weeks from the fire event.