May 14, 2024 – 2:10 pm The MD of Greenview has downgraded its Evacuation Order due to wildfire.

The evacuation order has been cancelled for the North Goodwin area, in the MD of Greenview.

Everyone returning home will remain on 2 hour Evacuation Alert in case the situation deteriorates.

Everyone in the North Goodwin area west of Range Road 21, between Township Road 734 and Township Road 741, may now return home. Everyone else within the MD of Greenview should stay prepared for potential evacuations on short notice due to wildfires this hazard season. Please return home safely.

Please review the Welcome Home Guide links below for important information to help you safely return to your home, including first steps, utility information, water safety, insurance information, FireSmart and more.

Returning Safely – Welcome Home Guide and Resources

For more information, follow the MD of Greenview on Facebook, the MD of Greenview website and on local media.