Greenview utilizes the Alberta Emergency Alerts system to notify the public if/where a disaster or emergency is occurring.

Communities (Greenview) may request the assistance of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) to issue these alerts using their province-wide alerting system to ensure emergency information reaches as many residents as possible.

In some situations, Greenview may issue its own alerts, which, while still important, are less serious than those issued by AEMA. One example is when a wildfire has been deemed as Being Held. This means that sufficient resources are currently committed, and sufficient action has been taken, that the fire is not likely to spread beyond existent or predetermined boundaries under prevailing and forecasted weather and fire behaviour conditions. This situation does not require an evacuation order, but dangers still exist within the wildfire perimeter. Greenview may issue an alert for the surrounding area, including the active fire perimeter, where nobody is permitted in or near the area.

Greenview will advertise these alerts using the following methods:

Greenview also has signs out in some fire-damaged areas in the Valleyview and Little Smoky areas of the municipality. Hazards exist in these areas due to wildfire, and caution should be exercised when entering. These areas may also contain trees still standing after wildfire activity. Root system damage causes trees still upright to be VERY unstable. Even a light wind can cause fire-damaged trees to fall. Keep in mind that even seemingly stable trees might have suffered extensive root damage, making them susceptible to toppling. Keep an eye on your surroundings, look up and stay aware!