Sturgeon Lake Area Structure Plan

The Sturgeon Lake Area Structure Plan (SLASP) is nearing project completion. Greenview Council has made changes to the final SLASP based on the comments received related to the following:

  • Section 1.2 – Plan area description simplified to remove reference to former Primary and Secondary Zones and Conservation Lands;
  • Section 2.1 – Plan Goal (b) – reference to the quality of Sturgeon Lake deleted;
  • Section 2.2 – Plan Objective (c) Agriculture – bullet #2 revised to reference best practices;
  • Section 5.1 – Introduction – Revised language regarding water levels;
  • Policy 5.2.16 – Docks – the requirement for municipal authorization added;
  • Policy 5.2.19 – Change “should” to “may”;
  • Policy 8.2.1 – Redundant wording removed (no additional revisions have been made in response to comment “Infrastructure – servicing development. First Parcel out – no closer than 300 feet of the lake. Access across watercourse” as the intent is not clear. Clarification would be appreciated.);
  • Policy 8.4.1 – Change fire “department” to “station”;
  • Appendix A – “Conservation Reserve” defined, “Conservation Lands” deleted, “Wetlands” defined;
  • Mapping was updated to reflect the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation; Provincial and Crown Land jurisdictions are excluded from the SLASP Development area.

To review the entire draft SLASP and the Public Summary information:

Current  Sturgeon Lake ASP (Bylaw 11-652)