Beaver Harvest Program

In an effort to protect municipal infrastructure from water movement problems related to beaver activity, the Municipal District of Greenview has approved a Beaver Harvest Program. Through this program, eligible individuals may receive monetary compensation with the presentation at a location designated by Municipal District Administration of a beaver carcass harvested lawfully within the municipality.

Under this program, $30.00 per beaver is available subject to the following conditions:

  1. Beavers can only be hunted/trapped on privately owned land by the owner of the land, or by a resident with written permission from the owner of the land. (Click here to download Permission Form)
  2. Landowners and authorized persons must sign an affidavit that the beavers were harvested within Greenview boundaries. (Click here to download Affidavit)
  3. Landowners and authorized persons shall follow all Regulations and Legislation as set by the Wildlife Act, Agricultural Pest Act, and Municipal District of Greenview Policy 6321. (Click here for Policy 6321)
  4. Landowners and authorized persons are responsible for proper disposal of the carcass after it has been inspected and marked by a Greenview representative.
  5. Department Management reserves the right to disqualify landowners and authorized persons from taking part in the program if he/she are found to have not adhered to the policy as set by Council, and shall forfeit their right to receive benefits from the program.
  6. In order to qualify, the full beaver carcass must be presented at the Agriculture Services Department and will be inspected and marked by a Greenview representative. Please call the Ag Department prior to bringing in a carcass at  780-524-7621.

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