Council approves internet access study

Looking for an effective, cost-efficient way to provide high-speed internet service to Greenview businesses and residents, Greenview Council approved funding for the development of a fibre optics internet connectivity strategy.

Council has selected Canadian Fibre Optics, a Calgary-based firm, from among five bids submitted for the project, approving a maximum of $65,150 in funding. Council recognizes the increasingly important role of internet access in supporting local economic development across Greenview, particularly in helping to grow Greenview’s agricultural sector.

Canadian Fibre Optics has a history in the region, having constructed a 225 km fibre optics “backbone” in the Highway 40 corridor, between Grande Cache and Wembley. While the potential of fibre optic technology for service delivery will be explored, the study will also look at options utilizing standard coaxial cable. Administration also noted that the study could also be used to help develop an “open ground” policy which would seek to identify opportunities to combine projects like the installation of internet network infrastructure with other industrial development initiatives that require trenching, such as pipeline construction.

Province seeking input on wetlands policy

With the province continuing in its push to reduce red tape, Greenview Council has been invited to provide input into an initiative to remove barriers on road maintenance projects in low-risk wetland areas. Along with submitting its views via an Alberta Environment and Parks online survery, Council directed administration to submit a letter to the Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction requesting that the province also consider the regulatory challenges in initating new construction on wetlands.

 The puck stops in Greenview

The Midget Tier 2 provincial hockey championships are coming to Valleyview. Greenview Council voted to lend its support to the tournament, with $4,500 in event sponsorship. Eight teams from across the province will be in Valleyview to vie for the title of Tier 2 champs, March 26 to 29. Along with the cash contribution, players and coaches will receive passes to the Greenview Regional Multiplex, the Greenview’s state of the art recreation and fitness centre in Valleyview, for the three days of the tournament.

Safety first

With an eye toward worker safety and reducing risk, Council has approved minor amendments to the MD’s Contractor Registry Policy which outlines the requirements of equipment contractors, gravel haulers, operators and laborers providing services to the Greenview. The revised policy brings Greenview’s health and safety standards fully in line with provincial Occupational Health and Safety legislation with no significant impact on contractors.

 Ward Boundary discussion continues

Council continued its deliberations on potential changes to electoral boundaries following the amalgamation of Grande Cache into the MD of Greenview. After reviewing several possible scenarios, Council directed Administration to develop potential policy options that reflect effective ratepayer representation and rationale for a change in the size of Council.


Upcoming Events and Meetings

  • Greenview Council Regular Meeting – Feb. 10, MD of Greenview Administration Building, Valleyview
  • Municipal Planning Commission – Feb. 11, MD of Greenview Administration Building, Valleyview

Please note: The Jan. 29 Agricultural Service Board meeting has been cancelled. The February meeting will be held as scheduled on Feb. 26, 2020 at the regular time.


Media inquiries may be directed to:

Stacey Sevilla, Manager, Communications and Marketing  or 780-524-7625