Council Highlights – August 24, 2020

Public Hearing Held for Advertising Bylaw 20-855
Acknowledging the decline of local newspaper options, Council held a public hearing for Bylaw 20-855 Advertising. This bylaw will allow for Greenview to advertise notices under Section 606 of the Municipal Government Act in other methods as prescribed to allow for the advertising of notices on the Greenview website and social media channels and make them available to ratepayers at Greenview Administration buildings. Council received no comments before the hearing, and no presentations were provided to Council during the hearing. Third reading was given, and Council voted unanimously to adopt.

Greenview Council Approves Bylaws 20-854 and 20-857
Council moved to approve Bylaws 20-854 Schedules of Fees and Bylaw 20-857 Electronic Transmission of Documents.

  • Several updates were provided to the Schedules of Fees Bylaw 20-854 amendment to give the ratepayers and stakeholders updated information.
  • Bylaw 20-857 Electronic Transmission of Documents was also adopted by Council, allowing for Greenview to collect the email addresses of ratepayers who wish to receive their tax notices, assessment notices, and other documents through email rather than standard mail. There is no obligation for ratepayers to sign up for this program.

New DeBolt Lift Station Upgrade Gets the Greenlight from Council
Greenview Council moved to award MPE Engineering Ltd. for the design and construction supervision of the new DeBolt Lift Station Force Main upgrade to address sewer issues identified during increased water flow during rainstorms and spring run-off. The contract is for $62,050.00, with funds to come from the Environmental Services 2020 capital budget.

Grande Cache Wastewater Treatment Plant to Get an Upgrade
The Grande Cache Sewage Treatment plant is currently in need of an upgrade as the 1981 infrastructure has deteriorated significantly over the past 39 years. After review, Council moved to proceed with M2 Engineering to complete the detailed design and construction upgrade for $1,043,155.00, with funds to come from the Environmental Services 2020 Capital Budget.

Greenview Council Approves Purchase of a Track Loader for the Grande Cache Landfill
Council moved to approve the purchase and repair of a track loader from the Greenview Regional Waste Management Commission (GRWMC) for $5000.00. Motor replacement is required, at the cost of approximately $27,000.00, bringing the total cost of purchase and repair to $32,000.00. This equipment purchase will replace the loader currently in use at the Grande Cache Landfill, with funds to come from the Solid Waste Capital Reserve if required.

Security Deposit Fees Waived for Grande Spirit – DeBolt Seniors Development
Council voted unanimously to waive the requirement for a security deposit typically required for road and utility construction and installation for the Grande Spirit Foundation senior housing project in DeBolt.

W.D. Stevenson Building Demolition
Greenview Council moved to authorize the demolition of the W.D. Stevenson building (old Medical Clinic) in Valleyview to an upset limit of $113,500.00 equal to fifty percent (50%) in partnership with the Town of Valleyview, with funds to come from the Contingency Reserve if required.

Greenview Council to Send a Letter to Minister of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness on Gun Ban
Council directed Administration to send a letter to the Minister of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness regarding concerns over the federal gun ban and to send copies to the Prime Minister of Canada, Attorney General, Leader of the Official Opposition, Premier of Alberta, Solicitor General, MLA Grande- Prairie-Wapiti, MLA Central Peace-Notley, MLA West Yellowhead, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Rural Municipalities of Alberta and Alberta Urban Municipalities Association.

Upcoming Events and Meetings

  • September 21, 2020 – Committee of the Whole Meeting, Grande Cache Public Service Building
  • September 28, 2020 – Regular Council Meeting, Valleyview Council Chambers
  • October 13, 2020 – Regular Council Meeting, Valleyview Council Chambers

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