2021 Capital and Operating Budgets Approved by Council

The 2021 Operating and Capital Budgets were adopted by Council.  Budget highlights are as follows:

 2021 Operating Budget

  • Greenview will pay the province an additional $25 million in 2021 in partnership with the twinning of Highway 40
  • Service levels will remain at a high standard, with no new major programs being introduced at this time
  • Municipal tax rates will remain at 2020 levels
  • Greenview service levels will continue at their high levels for 2021

2021-2025 Capital Budget

In 2021, the MD expects to complete $52.7 million in capital projects. The capital budget is funded by existing restricted reserves.  Major projects include:

  • Completion of the Grovedale/Landry Heights water and wastewater project (14.6 m)
  • Improvements to the Forestry Trunk Road ($5.8 m)
  • Grande Cache sewage treatment plant ($4.9 m)
  • Grande Cache raw waterline upgrade (3.3 m)
  • Bridge File Re-Construction ($2.5 m)
  • Paving Projects ($2.5 m)
  • Improvements to the Swan Lake Road ($2.0 m)
  • Drainage Projects ($1.5 m)
  • Operations Heavy Equipment ($1.5 m)
  • Grande Cache Heavy Rescue Engine ($1.2 m)

Grande Cache Raw Waterline Replacement Contract Awarded

The Hamlet of Grande Cache has raw water intakes within Victor Lake, and the forty-year-old pipe currently in use is approaching the end of its life expectancy. If breaks were to occur, costly emergency repairs would be required to ensure that potable water delivery and fire flow protection would continue to be provided to the Grande Cache Institution and residents. Council moved to award the Grande Cache Raw Waterline Replacement contract to Thompson Infrastructure Ltd., in the amount of $1,891,966.51 with funds to come from the 2021 Environmental Services Capital Budget.

Greenview Approves Grant to Nitehawk Year-Round Adventure Park

Council moved to approve grant funding with an upset limit of $750,000 to Nitehawk Year-Round Adventure Park for the installation of a T-Bar Lift subject to Nitehawk entering into a capital asset agreement, with funds to come from the 2021 Community Services operating budget.

Councillor Bill Smith to Remain in the Position of Deputy Reeve
Council appointed Councillor Bill Smith of Ward 8, Grovedale, as Deputy Reeve until the end of the term.

 Greenview Appoints Weed and Pest Inspectors for 2021 Season

Greenview must appoint pest inspectors under the Agricultural Pests Act A-8 and weed inspectors under the Weed Control Act W-5.1 on an annual basis in order to be compliant with the applicable legislation. The inspectors are typically employed from May to October, and functions are to inspect for the species listed in the Pest and Nuisance Control Regulation AR/184 2001 and Weed Control Regulation AR 19/2010. Council appointed 17 seasonal employees as Pest and Weed inspectors under Section 10 of the Agricultural Pests Act and Section 7 of the Weed Control Act for the term of their employment.


Upcoming Events and Meetings

  • May 11, 2021 – Regular Council Meeting, Valleyview Council Chambers
  • May 18, 2021 – Committee of the Whole, Valleyview Council Chambers
  • May 24, 2021 – Victoria Day, Administrative Offices Closed
  • May 25, 2021 – Regular Council Meeting, Valleyview Council Chambers
  • May 26, 2021 – Agricultural Services Board Meeting, Valleyview Council Chambers

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