Media Release: Tri-Municipal Industrial Partnership Takes a Sabbatical

May 7, 2020

Tri-Municipal Industrial Partnership Takes a Sabbatical

Greenview Reeve, Dale Smith 2020

For the past 3 years, the collaborative efforts of the MD of Greenview, City of Grande Prairie and County of Grande Prairie had moved the Tri Municipal Industrial Partnership (TMIP) project from an Eco-Industrial District concept to an established Development Area Structure Plan with input and support for regional stakeholders and the Province of Alberta. The goal of the TMIP was envisioned to support local energy diversification projects, thereby strengthening Regional, Provincial and Federal economies.

Current market conditions have negatively impacted the energy sector as well as local businesses. “Greenview Council’s decision to defer resources from the TMIP project is based on current market conditions and Greenview’s commitment to providing a high level of service to its ratepayers, even during this uncertain time of economic instability,” remarked Dale Smith, Reeve for Greenview. “Greenview Council is hopeful that with the stabilization of commodity prices, the project will return to a funding status that will allow for accelerated growth.”

For the time being, until the region experiences an uptick in the oil & gas markets, the TMIP project will be managed by the internal skills and efforts of Greenview administrative staff and will continue to work with its municipal partners and the Province of Alberta. By using internal resources, the estimated reduction in cost for the development of the TMIP is equal to $750,000.00. To date, the overall investment in the project has been approximately $1,000,000.00.

Greenview and its municipal partners will continue to promote and meet with interested industrial project proponents considering the area for development. During this period, the Province of Alberta and Greenview will work to ensure historical, environmental and legislative concerns are being addressed to allow for the transfer of lands to Greenview.

Greenview Council is committed to the advancement of the eco-industrial district, for the economic benefit of its residents and the greater Northwest Alberta Region.


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