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Little Smoky Truck Fill Station – NOW OPEN

The Little Smoky Truck fill is once again open for use! We thank you all for your patience as our crews worked hard to complete the necessary repairs. 


Public Hearing – Advertising Bylaw 20-855

You are invited to attend a Public Hearing on the draft Advertising Bylaw. The Advertising Bylaw allows for Greenview to advertise notices electronically on the Greenview website and social media pages, to reach a greater number of ratepayers.

Anyone affected by the Bylaw may make written submissions to before 12:00 pm on September 10, 2020.

The Public Hearing for the Advertising Bylaw will be held on Monday, September 14, 2020 at 9:15 am in Council Chambers at 4806-36 Ave. Valleyview, AB. Electronic attendance options are available.

A copy of the Advertising Bylaw is available at the Greenview Administrative Offices or online at  If you require additional information, contact the Legislative Services Officer at 780-524-7600.


Advertising Bylaw Public Hearing

20-855 – Advertising Bylaw

Council Highlights – August 24, 2020


Council Highlights – August 24, 2020

Public Hearing Scheduled for Advertising Bylaw 20-855

Acknowledging the decline of local newspaper options, Administration presented Bylaw 20-855. This bylaw would allow for Greenview to advertise notices under Section 606 of the Municipal Government Act in other methods as prescribed to allow for the advertising of notices on the Greenview website and social media channels as well as making them available to ratepayers at Greenview Administration buildings. Council accepted the draft of Bylaw 20-855 for Advertising for information and moved to schedule a Public Hearing on September 14, 2020 at 9:15 am.

Greenview Council Approves Social Media Policy

Council moved to approve Policy 1036 Social Media. This policy, which applies to employees and members of Council, aims to serve as a guide for Councillors and Staff in using their personal or Councillor social media profiles in relation to Greenview business.

Letter of Support being sent for Grande Spirit Foundation

Greenview Council directed Administration to provide a letter of support for an addition to the new designated Supportive Living Facility in Spirit River. The letter will support the request to add 24  self-contained seniors units to be considered as part of the new build at Pleasantview Lodge to support alignment with the Government of Alberta mandate for seniors to age in-place. (more…)

Council Meeting Scheduled for Monday August 24, 2020

The next Council Meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 24, 2020. Tune in via our audio or video streaming link here:

Download the Agenda Package: 20-08-24-RC-Agenda-Pkg

Wildfire Updates for the Grande Prairie and Edson Protection Areas

The wildfire danger in the Edson Forest Area is VERY HIGH.  There are currently no active wildfires. 
Since March 1, 2020, there have been 42 wildfires in the Edson Forest Area burning approximately 2.63 ha.  
Edson Forest Protection Area Update August 18, 2020

The fire danger is HIGH for the Grande Prairie Forest Area.
Carry out any forest activities with caution. The wildfire danger rating is determined by factors such as the relative humidity, temperature, precipitation and wind speed.
Grande Prairie Forest Protection Area Update August 18, 2020

Download the Off-Highway Vehicle Wildfire Prevention Tips here: OHV Wildfire Prevention Tips

Media Release: Beaver Harvest Program Introduced to Reduce Damage to Infrastructure and Croplands

August 17, 2020

Greenview Beaver Harvest Program Introduced to Reduce Damage to Infrastructure and Croplands

Beaver management can be challenging and is an ongoing hurdle to overcome throughout the municipality. In efforts to protect municipal infrastructure from water movement problems, the MD of Greenview has implemented a beaver harvest incentive. The beaver harvest incentive program, a first for Greenview, was approved by Council in July and is set to start in August.

Beaver dam building activities have contributed to flooding on Greenview roads, damage to agriculture crops, and private property.

 “The past few years have brought heavy precipitation, and when combined with beavers moving into areas prone to flooding, has created water concerns for Greenview infrastructure and property owners throughout the municipality,” stated Reeve Dale Smith. “Seeing that similar policies in other rural Alberta municipalities are proving to be an effective method in addressing this challenge, Greenview is hopeful that this approach will reduce further damage to critical infrastructure and private property.”

The program will pay $30 per beaver to property owners and hunters with property owner permission. A trapper or hunter must enter into a contract of participation for the harvest incentive program and adhere to the Harvest Incentive Policy. Through this program, eligible individuals may receive monetary compensation with the presentation at a location designated by Municipal District Administration of a beaver harvested lawfully within Greenview boundaries.


See the full release here: Beaver Harvest Program Introduced to Reduce Damage to Infrastructure and Croplands

For more information on the Beaver Harvest Program, please click here.

Media inquiries may be directed to:

Stacey Sevilla, Manager, Communications and Marketing
Direct: 780.524.7625

Council Highlights – July 27, 2020


Council Highlights – July 27, 2020

Public Hearing Held for Partial Road Allowance Closure Requests

Bylaw 20-848 – Greenview received a road closure request from Arne and Merle Johnson on February 20, 2020, to close Road Plan 2761 PX, being an area consisting of approximately 2.59 acres. The area will subsequently be consolidated with the existing title to their agricultural quarter. No opposition was heard, and Council approved the request.

Greenview Council Approves New Policies

Council moved to approve Policy 2011 Respect in the Workplace and Policy 2012 Violence Prevention. These policies, which apply to employees, contractors, and members of Council, aim to prevent and manage inappropriate workplace behaviours and outline complaint processes. They also govern reporting, investigations of complaints or instances of discrimination, and violence or harassment in the workplace. (more…)

Media Release: Concern for Impacts of Proposed Assessment Model Changes

August 6, 2020

Concern for Impacts of Proposed Assessment Model Changes

Greenview Reeve, Dale Smith 2020

Earlier this year, the Provincial Government of Alberta began an assessment model review for regulated oil and gas properties, including wells and pipelines. While the Government of Alberta describes the review as a plan to “modernize” the assessment model and enhance the competitiveness of the oil and gas industry, Greenview is deeply concerned with the cost to municipalities, citing the viability of some municipal stakeholders will be jeopardized. 

The Province is considering four different scenarios. The impacts of each of those scenarios would have a different financial impact on those with oil and gas assessments in their municipality. Greenview will perhaps see a 12% decrease in annual revenue, depending on which model the Government chooses to adopt.

“Greenview remains optimistic that the Province will find a balance in this review; one that will incentivize the oil and gas industry and maintain sustainability within Municipal Government,” states Reeve Dale Smith.

Long-term Forecasting

Greenview has engaged Accurate Assessment to assist Administration in forecasting long-term impacts that the Province’s Assessment Model Review may have on our municipal tax revenue.  Administration and Council are concerned with the uncertainty this review is creating.  We are working to quickly gain knowledge on the long-term impacts the Government’s model review would cost Greenview in the immediate years and further out five and ten years and beyond.  “The need to provide municipal services to our residents and businesses, including the oil & gas sector, will not diminish.  We are just going to be expected to do the same with less; this simply doesn’t add up.  The only realistic option will be to provide less because we will have less,” says Chief Administrative Officer, Denise Thompson. (more…)

Moody’s Camping Loop Now Open

Greenview is pleased to announce that Moody’s Crossing Camping Loop is once again open to the public.

Just in time for the long weekend! Happy Camping!

COVID-19 Asymptomatic testing now available in Valleyview

Pharmasave in Valleyview is excited to announce that they have been approved to provide COVID-19 Asymptomatic testing. 

In order to be tested by a pharmacist, the presenting patient must be asymptomatic, not travelled in the last 14 days, and cannot have had a positive test in the last 14 days. Non-qualifying patients will continue to be referred to 811 to be tested by Alberta Health Services.

Please contact the pharmacy directly with any questions or concerns – 780-524-2183

Read the full release here: PHARMASAVE Release