🌲🔥 Attention Residents in the Valleyview & Rural Area Returning Home! 🔥🌲
Our area has faced significant challenges with wildfires, and we want to ensure everyone’s safety. If you see NEW smoke in fire-damaged areas, you can let us know.
Please, this is ONLY for NON-EMERGENCY situations. If you see NEW smoke in areas previously burned, call this number: 📞 780-552-3519.
Let’s stay vigilant and keep our community safe together. Remember, we’re stronger as a team, so let’s look out for each other. For emergencies, call 911. To report a new wildfire, call 310-FIRE.
Please share this message with your neighbours and friends in the area.
#SturgeonLakeFireComplex #CommunitySafety #WildfirePrevention
Stay safe everyone! 🙏💚