2023 -2024 Holiday Sponsorship Opportunity
Looking for a way to spread some holiday cheer while promoting your business, not-for-profit, user group, agency, church, etc.?

Why Sponsor?
Your sponsorship provides opportunities for everyone to attend, regardless of their financial situation. You never know the impact of your sponsorship. 5 years ago, a young boy went out for a sponsored skate and fell in love with the ice. Through determination, he has gone on to chase his hockey dream, becoming the top goal scorer on his team!

What do you get?
Your company, user group, and not-for-profit name on the Holiday calendar that is distributed on Social media through the Grande Cache Recreation Centre and schools. You get the satisfaction of knowing that you may have helped shape the next Summer McIntosh or Sidney Crosby! You will also receive a receipt for tax purposes.

What is the cost of the Sponsorship Opportunities?

  • 1 hour Arena Sponsorship = $150.00 + tax
  • 1 hour Aquatic Centre Sponsorship *one pool only, barring availability= $185.00/ hour + tax
    Max. 80 people. Additional lifeguards (barring availability are available) at $35.00/ hour for an additional 30 swimmers (due to lifeguard ratios)

*Please note that regular facility rules and ratios apply during all sponsored activities.

What is the deadline for the Holiday Calendar Sponsorship?
For planning and promotional purposes, please note the deadline for sponsorships is on Friday, November 24, 2023, at 1:00 pm.

Who to contact to become a Sponsor?
For more information or questions, please reach out to Natasha Brown at the Grande Cache Recreation.
Email: natasha.brown@mdgreenview.ab.ca
Phone: 780.827.2120.