Non-Profit groups in the Hamlet of Grande Cache and surrounding Co-ops and Enterprises are eligible for an incentive ($/bag) for the hand pulling of scentless chamomile (Tripleurospermum perforatum) plants.

Bags will be provided and dropped off at the MD of Greenview Grande Cache Agricultural Services/Beautification Office, located at 10310 -97th Street (by Grande Cache Operations Building). NO SUBSTITUTE BAGS WILL BE ACCEPTED (they are clear, so we can easily see the bag contents of scentless chamomile).  The incentive is $20.00/per 33 L approved bag picked.

Just so you know, anyone can pick for a non-profit group that joins the program – just let us know which organization it is for.

  • Non-profit groups must complete and submit the Scentless Chamomile Application Form 2023
  • Please submit applications to or drop them off at the Agricultural Services Building.
  • There are stipulations: Please stay off private land and follow safety guidelines.
  • Payment to the non-profit group shall be by cheque for the total bags submitted after September 1 of the program year.

Not sure what the difference is between Scentless Chamomile and Oxeye Daisy? Please click here.

To learn more about Scentless Chamomile, please visit Alberta Invasive Species Council Fact Sheet.

To make arrangements to pick up clear bags and or to drop off full bags, please call at 780-558-9154.