Rural Addressing

What is Rural Addressing and why do I need it?

Rural Addressing is a standardized system which assigns an address to rural properties throughout a municipality to allow them to be quickly and easily identified by emergency response agencies (police, fire, ambulance), service providers, residents and non-residents

Is the Rural Address the same as a Mailing Address?

No. Your current Canada Post mailing address will not change.

How do I get a Rural Address?

All new residential developments require a Rural Address. The fee for Rural Addressing is $50.00. Replacement signs are $50.00.

Please contact Celine Soucy, Development Technician
Direct Line: 780-524-6080; Email:

I have more than one residence on my parcel. Should I have more than one address?

Yes. Each dwelling should have their own Rural Address.

Please see the Rural Addressing Bylaw (including Grande Cache area) for additional information.