Land Use Bylaw

Planning for future development in the municipality helps to create a vibrant, social, economic and environmentally sustainable and diverse community. We strive to provide quality customer services to residents, developers, builders, Council and others involved in the planning, design and development of our community.

What is the purpose of a Land Use Bylaw?
The Land Use Bylaw 18-800 controls and guides the use and development of all land and buildings within the Municipal District.

The Land Use Bylaw includes:

  • procedures to process and decide on a change of Land Use (Land Use Amendment);
  • procedures to process, decide, and appeal Development Permits and Subdivisions;
  • development requirements such a setbacks from the road, setbacks from property lines, square footage, etc.
  • Permitted and Discretionary Uses for each Land Use District; and
  • Land Use Maps

Where can I view maps for the zoning of a specific property?
Land Use Bylaw 17-779 Maps show the zoning for a specific property.
Please contact our Planning & Development Department for additional information and to ensure the map reflects the most current information as changes are ongoing.