Land Use Amendments

What is a Land Use Amendment?
A Land Use Amendment is a request to rezone a property from one Land Use District to another Land Use District. It requires an amendment to the M.D of Greenview’s Land Use Bylaw No. 18-800. 

What are the steps in the Land Use Amendment process?
Once the Land Use Amendment Application Package has been received, the following process is required to meet legislative guidelines:

  • Notices will be sent to referral agencies and stakeholders who must be given one month to respond;
  • Our Development Officer will perform a site inspection;
  • The application will be reviewed by Council;
  • Council may give First Reading of the Bylaw;
  • If First Reading is given, a Public Hearing date is set;
  • A notice of Public Hearing is advertised in a local paper for two consecutive weeks, and at least five days prior to the hearing, and adjacent landowners are notified of the proposed amendment; and
  • Public Hearing is held and Council may give Second & Third Readings.

How long is the Land Use Amendment process?
Land Use Amendment applications can take up to 4 to 6 months to process.

How much does a Land Use Amendment cost?
Land Use Amendment fees are regulated by the Schedule of Fees Bylaw.