Business Licensing

Greenview’s Business License Directory
Businesses wishing to be included in the Business License Directory must have a valid Business License issued by Greenview. View the latest Online Business Directory (revised June 23, 2017).

Why do I need a Business License?
A Business License shows the public that your business meets requirements and is permitted to operate within Greenview.

How can I apply for a Business License?
Any person owning or operating a business within the municipality may obtain an annual Business License in accordance with the Licensing Bylaw.  This applies to all commercial and industrial establishments, as well as home occupations.

Do I need a development permit for my business?
You cannot operate a business without first obtaining a development permit. A Development Permit is necessary to ensure that the proposed operation complies with the uses of the land in the Land Use Bylaw No. 18-800 for that specific location.  A Development Permit is required for:

  • Minor Home Occupations
  • Major Home Occupations
  • Small Scale Industrial Pursuits

Development Permit Application Package

How can I renew my Business License?
A Business License expires on December 31st of the year in which the Business License was issued. The fee for renewing a Business License is $ 10.00.