Area Structure Plans

What is an Area Structure Plan?
In accordance with the Municipal Government Act, Greenview Council may by Bylaw adopt an Area Structure Plan.  The purpose of an Area Structure Plan is to provide a detailed framework for subsequent subdivision and development for a specified area of land within a municipality. It contains land use and development guidance for the general public, developers, landowners, Municipal Planning Commission members and Council.

What does an Area Structure Plan Include?
Section 633 of the Act requires an Area Structure Plan must describe:

  • the sequence of the development proposed for the area;
  • land uses proposed for the area, either generally or with respect to specific parts of the area;
  • density of population proposed for the area either generally or with respect to specific parts of the area; and
  • the general location of major transportation routes and public utilities.

An Area Structure Plan may contain any other matters that Council considers necessary to reach the goals and objectives of the communities.

Major Area Structure Plans

There are two major area structure plans in Greenview. Major Area Structure Plans are long range land use planning tool that will usually encompass a large land area and are prepared by Greenview and approved by Greenview Council.

Minor Area Structure Plans

A minor Area Structure Plan is a required land use concept plan that must be prepared by a developer for any large undeveloped parcel of land, generally one quarter section (160 acres) in size or larger and requires Greenview Council approval. A minor Area Structure Plan is created to facilitate subsequent zoning, subdivision and development decisions.