Planning & Development

NOTICE: Council has passed a motion on May 24, 2016, making changes to the Bylaw 12-673 – Schedule of Fees. Ratepayers, contractors and developers are hereby made aware that the changes now include fees for commencing development without a valid development permit. Further details are available in the Fact-Sheet-Changes-to-Schedule-of-Fees.

What services are provided by the Planning and Development Department?

The Planning and Development Department provides assistance and information to facilitate planning and development within the Municipal District of Greenview.

We provide a wide range of services including the following:

Development Permits
Land Use Amendments
Business Licensing
Rural Addressing
Land Use Maps
Plans and Bylaws

For Further Information please contact the Planning and Development Department:

Leona Dixon, Development Officer
Direct Line: 780‐524‐7639,
Lindsey Lemieux, Development Officer
Direct Line: 780‐524‐7643,
Price Leurebourg, Development Officer
Direct Line: 780-524-6078,
Celine Soucy, Development Technician
Direct Line: 780‐524‐6080,
Jenny Cornelsen, Admin Support, Planning and Development
Direct Line: 780‐524‐7645,
Sally Ann Rosson, Planning and Development Manager
Direct Line: 780‐524‐7644,