Green View Family and Community Support Services Board

Green View FCSS Board Meeting Dates 2019

19.01.16                                        August- no meeting
19.02.26                                        19.09.18
19.03.20                                        19.10.16
19.04.17                                        19.11.20
19.05.15                                        19.12.18
July- no meeting

2019 Green View FCSS Board Members

Roxanne Perron- Chair, Member at Large
Trina Parker-Carroll- Member at Large
Tammy Day- Member at Large
Roxie Rutt- MD of Greenview Councillor
Teresa Plontke- Vice Chair, Member at Large
Tanya Boman- Town of Valleyview Councillor
Duane Didow- MD of Greenview Councillor
Shawn Acton (Alternate)- MD of Greenview Councillor

2019 Green View FCSS Minutes

 Organizational Meeting Minutes 19-01-16  
No March meeting  
No May meeting  


2019 Green View FCSS Agenda Packages

19.01.16 Organizational Meeting Agenda No July meeting
19.01.16 Agenda Package No August meeting
19.02.26 Agenda Package w/ late addition  
No March meeting  
19.04.17 Agenda Package  
No May meeting  

FCSS Agendas & Minutes Archive