Landfill & Transfer Stations

Municipal District of Greenview No. 16 operates one landfill and ten transfer stations throughout the M.D. and these facilities are available to all residents of the M.D. at no charge. The landfill and nine of the ten transfer stations (except Sandy Bay) have recycling areas to reduce the amount of material buried in our landfills.

The landfill is located at Puskwaskau. All of our transfer stations except for Sandy Bay have an attendant on site during hours of operation. Sandy Bay has a transfer bin for household waste only.

The New Fish Creek, South Wapiti and Grovedale transfer stations have undergone major upgrades in 2013. We welcome any comments from the public on these initiatives.

Click on the link below for landfill/transfer station site hours:

Landfill/Transfer Site Locations:

Map of All Landfill/Transfer Stations:

Transfer Station Map

Please Note:

Due to Occupational Health & Safety Regulations we have established the following guidelines for dealing with extreme weather conditions. The M.D landfill and transfer stations will be closed when the site temperature drops to -38 degrees celsius with wind chill. The sites will also close due to drifting snow, high winds and other severe weather conditions.