Wastewater Collection & Treatment

The Municipal District of Greenview No. 16 has four wastewater collection systems and five wastewater lagoons which treat the wastewater influent to ensure we meet Alberta Environment Guidelines.  The effluent from the Little Smoky, Sturgeon Heights, Ridgevalley and DeBolt lagoons is discharged on an annual basis.  Samples are taken at that time for analysis by a private laboratory.  M.D. staff carry out ongoing maintenance to the collection systems wastewater lift stations and the lagoons. The Grovedale lagoon is an evaporative lagoon that does not require an annual discharge.To gain access to one of the Municipal Lagoons, you must fill out an application and return to our office, then a key will be issued.

To view the Lagoon access policy click here!

*Please Note the DeBolt Lagoon will be Out of Service until further notice.*

Septage haulers may now request access to the Little Smoky Lagoon for disposal of residential waste only. To gain access to this lagoon please contact the Utilities on Call # 780-552-4825 # hours prior to lagoon access for availability.

*Please note this lagoon is only accessible Monday -Friday 8:00 am -4:00 pm. For Emergency access after hours haulers will be subject to a after hours call out rate of $80.00/ per hour.*


Please be aware that effective July 1st the Municipal District of Greenview will be charging a tipping fee of $7.50 per cubic meter for the disposal and treatment of sewage at our wastewater treatment lagoons throughout the municipality (Grovedale, Sturgeon Heights, and DeBolt).

NOTE: The tipping fee is for Commercial/Industrial wastewater and DOES NOT apply to residential or non-profit organizational wastewater from within Greenview.

Manifests for all loads must clearly indicate the volume, source and relevant contact information of the wastewater generator.

Inquires can be directed to 
Manager of Environmental Services
Gary Couch