Community Action Poverty Simulation

Green View Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is hosting an innovative session allowing residents from throughout the MD the opportunity to come to know and better understand the hardships that those living in poverty deal with every day.
Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS) is not a game, but an interactive, immersive experience where individuals are confronted with daily stresses and challenges stemming from poverty.
Participants in the Community Action Poverty Simulation are provided with profiles of real people coping with financial crisis, taking on the role of those struggling to make ends meet. From a single parent trying to find the dollars to provide the essentials for their children, to seniors on fixed incomes dealing with rising costs and the perceived shame of “being poor”, the Poverty Simulation creates a greater awareness of the social and cultural impacts of poverty and helps to shatter some of the myths and misconceptions about those suffering those impacts.
The simulation also offers participants an opportunity to discuss their experiences and be part of a larger conversation on ways to take action to address poverty in their communities.

The simulation is offered free of charge, however, those wishing to participate must pre-register by contacting Lisa Hannaford, Green View FCSS manager, at 780-524-7636.