Emergency News

News items related to district emergencies, not urgent but providing additional info as needed.

Wireless Public Alerting Information

Wireless Public Alerting is an add-on tool offered through CANALERT by the federal government. It is used to enhance all the existing public alerting systems. Every community that has access to Alberta Emergency Alert will also now have access to Wireless Public Alerting.  AEMA advises that whenever their system is used to issue a Critical Alert, the audible message that already goes out via TV & radio, will now automatically go out via the cellular network to any smartphone that’s powered on in the area of the emergency. Wireless Public Alerts will not automatically be generated for Information Alerts.

We encourage all Greenview residents to download the AEMA Emergency Alert App at http://www.aema.alberta.ca/alberta-emergency-alert

For FAQ’s regarding the CANALERT Wireless Public Alert system and today’s test, please go to the following link: http://www.emergencyalert.alberta.ca/content/about/wireless.html