Greenview One Step Closer to Alberta’s First Geothermal Power Plant

(photo from Terrapin)

Building on Alberta’s energy strengths, while diversifying its vast natural resource potential, the province has advanced Alberta’s first conventional geothermal energy project within the MD of Greenview. 

The government has granted Terrapin Geothermics the rights to conduct testing operations and explore the geothermal potential of an area within Greenview, south of Grande Prairie.   This will allow Terrapin to begin seeking regulatory approvals for its geothermal power project.  This advancement means the project is one step closer to operating test wells. 

The project has been named “Alberta No. 1,” a tribute to the discovery of oil at the Leduc No. 1 oil drilling site in 1947. The name also hints at another connection to Alberta’s status as a leader in oil and gas – generating geothermal power draws on one of Alberta’s signature skill sets.

Harnessing geothermal energy is a method of creating electricity without coal, natural gas, wind or sunlight. It powers generators using brine from natural reservoirs more than 2000 metres below ground, which are heated by thermal energy from deep inside the Earth. Once the thermal energy has been extracted from the brine and converted to electricity or used for heating, the brine is cycled back underground, where it will heat up again. Terrapin’s geothermal energy facility will produce renewable power that runs 24/7 with zero carbon emissions and minimal ongoing fuel costs.

Greenview continues to partner with Terrapin and PCL Construction on this advanced made-in-Alberta renewable-power solution that will provide Alberta’s power grid with clean, renewable energy. 


For more information on the Alberta No. 1 project, please contact Greenview’s Manager of Economic Development, Kevin Keller, at