Upcoming Asphalt Repairs

We would like to inform residents of some upcoming asphalt repairs in the following locations:

  • Little Smoky Road – 300m North of 68047 (at North approach)
  • RR221A – West Bridge Transition
  • RR221A – East Bridge Transition
  • RR221A – 100m West of the bridge
  • TWP 700 – East of RR230, Approx 130m East of the west end of gravel loop
  • TWP 700 – 400m East of RR233 (Eastbound lane 13m, West lane 10m)
  • Youngs Point – On 1st hill in Northbound lane
  • RR251 – 100m North of 70343
  • TWP 713 – 500m West of RR263 (Graveyard)
  • Ridgevalley Road – Southbound Lane
  • Little Smoky Hamlet – South of East stop sign beside the store

Let’s all hope for some good weather so that repairs can be completed sooner rather than later.  And as always, please reduce your speed and watch for workers and equipment on the roadway.