Bylaw 19-816 Schedules of Fees summary

Council gave third reading to Bylaw 19 – 816 Schedules of Fees at the Regular Council Meeting held on Monday, July 8, 2019 in Valleyview.  With the addition of Grande Cache to Greenview,  all rates and fees were combined for services into one bylaw.  The intent of these changes was to align and apply the same rates to Grande Cache residents as other areas of Greenview for similar services.  Bylaw 19-816 Schedule of Fees will be available soon at
• Water, sewer and commercial sold waste rate increase will be November 1, 2019.
• The most significant change to Grande Cache Landfill Rates, is that similar to other Greenview residents, residential waste rates will be of no charge for residents of the Hamlet of Grande Cache. Commercial rates will be charged per tonne for identified waste.  The reduction in Landfill Rates to free for Grande Cache residents will be effective July 29, 2019.
• Grande Cache residents will no longer pay the landfill capital levy fee of $10.00 on their monthly utility bill effective July 29, 2019.
• The Septage dumping fee goes up to $10 for Greenview commercial and down to $10.00 for Grande Cache commercial November 1, 2019.
• Other departmental fees are in effect immediately as per Schedules of Fees Bylaw.
For more information, please see attached notices: