April 23 Council Highlights

Council Meeting Highlights 2019.04.23


Bylaw 18-800 Land Use Bylaw was approved following third reading. The intent of the Land Use Bylaw update is to provide a user-friendly document that is easy to use and increases clarity and certainty for landowners. In February 2018 the updated Land Use Bylaw 17-779 was adopted by Council. After using the bylaw for several months, Administration identified several areas that could be refined to clarify requirements and expectations.

Bylaw 19-814 Repealing Bylaw was approved following third reading. The bylaw repeals former Town of Grande Cache Bylaws deemed irrelevant or which address subject matter that is the same as Municipal District of Greenview Bylaws.

Bylaw 19-815 Council gave first reading to the Bylaw for the Tri-Municipal Industrial Partnership Area Structure Plan, the bylaw will be amended to exclude grazing leases. An Area Structure Plan (ASP) provides a framework for the subdivision and development of an area of land within a municipality. An ASP further describes the sequence of development anticipated for the lands, the land uses proposed for the area and addresses the general location of transportation routes and public utilities. A public hearing for Bylaw 19-815 will be held at 10:00 a.m. on May 27, 2019. The ASP will be circulated to adjacent landowners within 1500 metres of the proposed development for comment prior to the public hearing.

Infrastructure and Planning

Council discussed Municipal Road Bans and information sharing. There are different levels of understanding amongst ratepayers and stakeholders regarding what road bans entail within Greenview. Administration agreed to provide additional information to ratepayers to facilitate greater understanding of the road ban system.

A Road Closure Request to close a portion of unused, undeveloped road allowance located on the west boundary of NW 9-69-21-W5M was received from Arnie and Merle Johnson in September 2018. Council agreed to waive the road closure fee, subject to cost covered reclamation agreement with the landowner.

Council awarded the Request for Proposal (RFP) for Twp 681 and RR 230 Engineering Consultant services to Beairsto Associates in the amount of $298,921.65 with funding to come from the 2019-20 roads capital budget.

Council awarded Bridge Tender BF75354 to Cox Contractors Ltd. in the amount of $537,347 with funds to come from the 2019 Capital Budget. The project is located 3 km north of Crooked Creek and the existing structure has been in use for over 50 years. Additional funding will be provided from reserves to cover the difference between the tender and the amount that was initially allocated. Funds in the amount of $146,312 will be transferred to bridge replacement reserves in the capital budget from reserves.

Council awarded the Grovedale Water Distribution System and Sanitary Collection System Contract 3 to Mainline Construction (2014) Ltd with money to come from Environmental Services 2019 Capital Budget.

A proposal for engineering on the Ridgevalley Overlay capital project by WSP was accepted with funds of $55,583 to come from the 2019 approved Capital Budget.

Agriculture Services

Council appointed Weed and Pest Inspectors Dennis Haglund, Maureen Bly, Hazel Edwards, Jennifer Hammel,
Terri Hoddinott, Marlee Ratzlaff, Brenda Jantz, Erika Pagenkopf, Terrence Peever, Sue Lepage, Stephanie Williams, Cheylin Patenuade, and Sage Eshelman. These staff members were appointed as Pest Inspectors under Section 10 of the Agricultural Pests Act A-8 and Weed Inspectors under Section 7 of the Weed Control Act W-5.1 for the term of their employment.

Grants, Donations and Sponsorships

A motion to donate a surplus Fire Skid Unit to the Swan City Rotary Club of Grande Prairie Highway to Mexico project was defeated. Several Councillors expressed their preferences for the surplus equipment to be available for use by Greenview Departments or for sale to neighbouring municipalities and First Nation communities.

The Cranberry Lake Rodeo Association will receive a capital grant of $59,515.60 to build a covered dance floor and band stand. The rodeo grounds are located across from the Hamlet of DeBolt on the south side of Highway 43. The new building will improve the events hosted at the rodeo grounds and make hosting further events possible. The association has secured in kind labour and equipment valued at $11,716 to help complete the project.

The Grande Theatre Players of Grande Cache will receive $2,000 in sponsorship for the 2019 Missoula Children’s Theatre production.

No action will be taken on a request from the Mighty Peace Youth for Change Society for Mighty Peace Day due to a lack of information regarding the request.

Council approved Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society (PARDS) reallocate $15,000 in awarded grant funds to the installation of a lift in the PARDS facility.

Administrative Items

Council authorized the transfer of $268,809.78 to the Cash in Lieu for Municipal Reserves (Land) fund from the Operating Fund Reserves.

Council approved the request for a Marketing and Communication Manager position. 

Council will host the 2019 Greenview Stakeholder Outreach event at the Shot Shell Sporting Clay Range in Valleyview on Thursday September 12, 2019.

The title of Supervisor of Facilities and Maintenance will be changed to Manager of Facilities and Maintenance.

Council approved the 2018 Audited Financial Statements as presented by Metrix Group LLP Chartered Accountants for submission to the Minister of Municipal Affairs.

Council accepted the 2019 First Quarter to Actual Reports as information. Two reports were provided due to the Hamlet of Grande Cache and Greenview operating in separate financial systems. The Greenview reporting is through the Diamond system and Grande Cache has a separate report provided through Muniware based on the approved Grande Cache budget.

Events and Meetings

  • Regular Council Meetings: May 13 and 27, 2019.
  • Committee of the Whole: May 15, 2019 at Eagle’s Nest Hall, Grande Cache.
  • Municipal Planning Commission: May 14, 2019.
  • Agricultural Services Board (ASB): May 22, 2019.
  • Green View FCSS: May 15, 2019 at the Community Resource Centre (FCSS) Board Room.