Council Highlights

Highlights of the April 8 Council Meeting

Council Meeting Highlights 2019.04.08


Council approved several bylaws related to assessment and taxation following third reading: Bylaw 19-810 2019 Tax Rate, Bylaw 19-811 2019 Grande Cache Special Tax Borrowing Bylaw, and Bylaw 19-812 Residential Assessment Sub-class.


Bylaw 19-812 outlines sub-classifications for residential property assessment. There are three residential property assessment classes outlined in the proposed bylaw: Hamlet Residential (including Hamlets of Grovedale, Landry Heights, DeBolt, Ridgevalley and Little Smoky); Urban Hamlet Residential (Grande Cache); and Greenview rural. The sub-classifications will establish assessment rates for each type of residential property depending upon the level of municipal services provided.


Bylaw 19-811 Due to the requirements of the Municipal Government Act the non-residential mil rate for Grande Cache must be the same as the rest of Greenview (7.8280). Council has the option of adding a special tax to the properties in Grande Cache to meet the former Town’s annual borrowing obligations of $487,664. A special tax mil rate of 1.2880 will be added to all properties within the Hamlet of Grande Cache. Including the special tax, the residential mil rate for Grande Cache will be 9.0000 mils and the industrial mil rate will be 9.1160 mils. The proposed mil rates for Grande Cache will keep the residential mil rate for Grande Cache the same as in 2018 and will significantly decrease the non-residential mil rate for Grande Cache from the previous year with a 10.3840 reduction.


Bylaw 19-810 2019 Tax Rate

The mil rate for the rest of Greenview is unchanged from 2018. A special tax has been established for the former Town of Grande Cache properties as outlined in Bylaw 19-811 above. Ratepayers may notice increases in their property taxes due to changes in the assessed value of their property which is related to market value or the educational taxes which are set by the province.

  • General Municipal: Residential/Farmland 2.7000, Non-Residential 7.8280.
  • Grande Cache only: Residential/Farmland 7.7120, Non- Residential 7.8280.

Non-Residential/Commercial taxes are due June 30, 2019. Residential/Farmland taxes are due November 15, 2019.


Bylaw 19-814 Repealing Bylaw received first and second reading. The bylaw repeals former Town of Grande Cache Bylaws deemed irrelevant or which address subject matter that is the same as Municipal District of Greenview Bylaws.



Several Agricultural Services Board policies were brought forward for Council’s approval. The policies were last updated in 2012.

 Policy 6309 Agricultural Improvement was approved by Council and the previous version of this policy AG 01 was repealed. The policy supports the adoption of innovative technologies and best management practices to improve agricultural production and support economical, environmentally sustainable agriculture industry. Greenview Agricultural Services will offer innovative programs and services for residents, ratepayers and affected stakeholders with the goal of improving the economic viability of producers while protecting the natural environment. Greenview will collaborate with other agencies, levels of government and organizations to deliver these programs and services.

 Policy 6310 Agricultural Service Board was approved by Council as amended and a previous version of this policy, AG 02 was repealed. The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) appointment terms were changed to establish better continuity: three members will be appointed for two year terms and two board members will be appointed for three years. Two Greenview Councillors are appointed annually at the Council Organizational Meeting. A provision has also been added within the policy stating ASB Board Members are expected to attend a minimum of two external events annually.

 Policy 6311 Animal Health was approved by Council and the previous version of the policy was repealed (AG 11). The policy recognizes the obligation of municipalities under the Animal Health Act and allows Greenview to continue to provide support to the Chief Veterinarian’s Office and Canadian Food Inspection Agency with enacting a rapid response in the event of an animal disease outbreak.

Policy 6312 Voluntary Program Participation Alberta Agriculture and Forestry was approved as presented and the previous version of this policy AG 16 was repealed. The policy recognizes the benefit to residents and ratepayers of voluntary participation by Greenview in programs offered by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry including but not limited to the Wild Boar Bounty Program and Coyote Predation Management Program.

Policy 6314 Soil Conservation was approved as presented and the previous version of this policy AG 18 was repealed. The policy encourages the adoption of best management practices and soil conservation techniques in order to protect and enhance productivity in addition to taking measures to prevent soil erosion and degradation on public and private lands.


Community Services

Council approved a Brushing Request from a landowner for a previous road allowance license located between the northwest quarter of 22-70-26 W5M and southwest quarter of 27-70-26 W5M and portion of the northeast quarter of 22-70-26 W5M and the southeast quarter of 27-70-26 W5M for future development opportunities. The landowner intends to brush the strip of wooded area within the previous road allowance located in the middle of a farmed crop area. Administration will work with the landowner and provide specific directions to ensure that a protected area outside of this zone is clearly marked and excluded from the brushing.

 The 2019 Fire Guardian Appointments were approved by Council. Derian Rosario, Greenview Protective Services Coordinator and Brian Lott, Grande Cache Fire Chief, were appointed as Greenview’s Fire Guardians for the period of March 2019 to February 2020. The appointments are required under the Alberta Forest and Prairie Protection Act. Greenview’s Fire Guardians only have authority within the Greenview White Zone. The majority of Greenview is within the Alberta Forest Protection Area (Green Zone).


 Economic Development

Council approved an upset limit of $18,000 for consulting services to develop and initiate the Economic Development Department’s social media strategy, with funds to come from Economic Development Budget. The amount will be transferred from contingency.


 Grader Tender Award

Council awarded Brandt Tractor the 2019 Graders Tender award in the amount of $2,059,600 for the purchase of four graders with funds from the 2019 Operations Capital Budget.


 BF77756 Tender Results

Council directed Administration to cancel Tender BF 77756-19 due to irregularities in the tender process. Tender BF 77756 will be re-tendered in the Sweathouse area.


 Grovedale Public Service Building Dugout

Protective Services brought forward a motion regarding repairs required for the Grovedale PSB Dugout. Council deferred the motion to a future meeting. The dugout provides water for the fire trucks and has had problems of sloughing and high silt levels from runoff. Coconut matting was installed in 2017 to address the silt problems. After continued problems the dugout was emptied and it was discovered that the dugout does not meet the original design specifications. Replacing the dugout with an underground tank would address the problems at a lower cost than re-engineering the dugout. Council requested more information be brought back regarding re-engineering the dug out or replacing it with an underground tank.


 Finance Charges

Council approved the request to forgive finance charges on A/R Account #185504 Strath Resources for $1,435.23 due to an administrative error.

 No action will be taken on the request from Ridgeback Resources to reverse finance charges on their AR Account for $1,282.71. Administrative procedures were followed correctly and recommended that Council not waive the finance charges in this case.


 Grants and Sponsorships

No action will be taken on the request from the Wilmore Wilderness Foundation’s appeal that the 2019 Greenview Grant provided to the Wilmore Wilderness Foundation be increased from $40,000 to $86,900.

 The East Prairie Metis Settlement requested Greenview sponsor their 2019 Quad Rally. No action will be taken regarding the sponsorship request was due to lack of information on how the funds will be used.

 The Grande Cache Community Friends Association (100 Caring Hearts, Grande Cache) requested sponsorship from Greenview for a fundraising event to be held on April 13, 2019. The organization helps community members who are unable to attend medical appointments in Grande Prairie, Edmonton, or Hinton due to lack of transportation. They also provide assistance to individuals and groups during difficult personal situations. Council agreed to provide $1,000 in sponsorship for the event.


Municipal District of Greenview Library Board

A bylaw is required to allow Greenview Library Board to set up their banking. Greenview Council accepted the recommended Bylaw 19-003 MD of Greenview Library Board Borrowing Funds and it will now be brought forward to the Library Board to be formally adopted.

The Library Board will be added as an additional named insurer for the municipality.


Tax Arrears

As recommended by legal counsel, Greenview will write off tax arrears and penalties on Tax Roll 319273 for $144,340.44. The funds are linear property tax arrears for a company that has filed for bankruptcy and has now been assumed by a new company. The company has agreed to pay other tax arrears but not linear tax arrears. Recent actions of the courts have upheld similar arrangements in case of new ownership following bankruptcy. Greenview will apply to the Government of Alberta to have the educational tax portion of the arrears which were paid in advance for the property in question be returned.


Administrative Items

Denise Thompson has been appointed as Chief Administrative Officer for the Municipal District of Greenview. Full details of the announcement and Ms. Thompson’s biography are available in the media release on our website.

Administration will investigate the remuneration package of elected officials in other municipalities and a report will be brought back to the May 27, 2019 Council Meeting.

Administration will bring back comparable information from similarly structured municipalities on how the urban and rural residential tax rates are determined. A service level matrix of all municipally supplied services to Greenview’s residents will also be developed. 

Council directed Administration to add the Grovedale South Wapiti Recreation Board as an additional named insurer.


Events and Meetings

  • Regular Council Meeting: April 23, 2019.
  • Committee of the Whole: April 15, 2019 at Eagle’s Nest Hall, Grande Cache.
  • Municipal Planning Commission: May 14, 2019.
  • Agricultural Services Board (ASB): April 24, 2019.
  • Green View FCSS: April 17, 2019 at the Community Resource Centre (FCSS) Board Room.

Unless otherwise specified, all meetings (except FCSS meetings) take place in the Council Chambers at the Administration Building in Valleyview beginning at 9:00 am. ASB and FCSS meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. FCSS meetings take place at the Green View Community Resource Centre.

Media inquiries may be directed to Greenview’s Communications Officer:

Diane Carter  or 780-524-7625