Transfer Station & Landfill Cleanup Fundraising Opportunity

Greenview is providing an opportunity for Community-Recognized Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) to apply for a fundraising cleanup project at Greenview’s identified transfer stations and landfill sites in return for a pre-established, advertised, financial donation to the NPO.

Community-Recognized Non-Profit Organization-Greenview based organizations (may include but are not limited to: school, sports, youth, and seniors groups) with an identified non-profit mission, operation or purpose and are commonly or traditionally know in/to the community. Preference will be given to Greenview-based (including Valleyview, Fox Creek &Grande Cache) NPOs. Other NPOs will be considered if openings remain.

Greenview will pay up to $1,500.00 depending on the size of the cleanup for the following sites:

  • Little Smoky Transfer Station
  • Sweathouse Transfer Station
  • Sunset House Transfer Station
  • New Fish Creek Transfer Station
  • Sturgeon Heights Transfer Station
  • DeBolt Transfer Station
  • Puskwaskau Transfer Station
  • Grovedale Transfer Station
  • South Wapiti Transfer Station
  • Grande Cache Landfill

Greenview Regional Landfill: Greenview will pay up to $2,000.00 depending on the size of the cleanup for this site.

To apply for this fundraiser please complete the application and send the completed form to or drop it off at the Valleyview/Grovedale Administration building.

For more information please contact
Chelsea Henry, Administrative Support, Environmental Services at 780-552-4671.