Council Highlights November 13, 2018

Council Meeting Highlights 2018.11.13

Budget Reviews

Council reviewed and provided input to Administration regarding the proposed Operation Services 2019 – 2021 Operational Budget Review. Council accepted the proposed Budget for information as presented.

Protective Services

In a number of instances, the general public, Council and Administration has voiced a growing concern regarding a potential significant increase of moving violations occurring on the Forestry Trunk Road (FTR), including dangerous driving and speed offences. Council authorized Administration to provide additional policing hours for the Forestry Trunk Road with funding from the Protective Services Administration budget. The additional hours will be used on the FTR with a focus on speed, dangerous driving, and overweight and dimension.

Planning and Development

Currently Greenview has a policy addressing the dedication of right-of-ways for subdivisions under EES 02 Dedication of Right-of-Ways for Subdivisions. The new Acquisition of Right-of-Way for Subdivisions Policy was presented to Council and has been renamed to more accurately describe the intent of the policy. The policy is largely the same but has been updated to current policy standards, it outlines the process for the acquisition of right-of-way for subdivisions, including Greenview’s responsibilities. Council approved the Acquisition of Right-of-Way for Subdivisions policy as presented and repealed Policy EES 02 Dedication of Right-of-Ways for Subdivisions.

The Certificate of Compliance Policy is designed to establish a system for the issuance of a Certificate of Compliance respecting Greenview’s Land Use Bylaw. Greenview currently has a policy addressing this process under Policy AD 08. The Policy outlines the process for when Greenview issues compliance certificates, and the process landowners or their agents should follow in requesting a compliance certificate. This includes the required documentation from the landowner or their agent. The policy is largely the same as the previous one, but has been updated to our current policy standards. Council approved the Certificate of Compliance policy as presented and repealed Policy AD 08 Compliance Certificates.

The Minor Area Structure Plan Policy was presented to Council. Currently Greenview has a policy outlining the requirements for the formulation of Area Structure Plans (ASP) and Area Concept Plans (CP). An ASP or CP provides a comprehensive planning framework for the subdivision and development to a defined area. To provide clarity on these plans, this policy was updated to solely address developer-prepared area structure plans, which will be referred to as Minor Area Structure Plans. Along with definitions and roles and responsibilities of persons/entities involved, a public engagement component was added to the Minor ASP policy to ensure residents and stakeholders could provide input on future plans that may affect them. Council approved the Minor Area Structure Plan policy with an amendment to document requirements point 2.2 P and repealed Policy 6001-01.

The MPC Meeting Procedures Policy was presented to Council. Currently Greenview does not have a policy addressing meeting procedures of the Municipal Planning Commission. The Municipal Planning Commission is established through Bylaw 03-399 Municipal Planning Commission. This policy will increase clarity and efficiency in the MPC process for members of the commission and the public as well. This policy outlines requirements for MPC Members, including attendance and voting. The policy also outlines requirements for agenda packages, as well as meeting process which is consistent with current meeting practices. Council approved the MPC Meeting Procedures policy with an amendment regarding attendance via electronic media.

The SDAB Meeting Procedure Policy was presented to Council. Currently Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) meeting procedures are covered under Policy CO 12 S.D.A.B and A.R.B Meeting Proceedings. In an effort to review this policy, Administration recommended that separate processes be adopted for the SDAB and ARB Boards as they serve separate functions within the municipality. The proposed SDAB policy takes into account changes to SDAB regulations and training programs. The process has been adapted to reflect these changes, as well as updating the SDAB process to reflect current practices. Having an SDAB Policy also allows members of the public to have a better understanding of SDAB proceedings should they need to engage in the process. Council approved the SDAB Meeting Procedure policy with an amendment.

The Subdivision Process Policy was presented to Council. The Subdivision Process Policy is designed to establish a procedure for the subdivision of land, in accordance with municipal and provincial legislation. Greenview currently has a policy addressing this process under Policy EES 03. The updated subdivision procedure policy will increase clarity and efficiency in the subdivision process for members of the public. Council tabled the Subdivision Process policy for amendments to be presented at a later date.

CAO Services

M.D Smoky River ICF/IDP Committee. On October 25, Administration met with the M.D of Smoky River Administration and their hired contractor for initial ICF/IDP discussions. At this meeting, it was discussed that Smoky River has appointed their Reeve and Deputy Reeve as members on the ICF Committee. It was requested that Greenview appoint two members as well for these Committee Meetings. It is anticipated that the individuals selected will meet several times over the course of the next year to negotiate these agreements. The results of these discussions will be presented to each respective Council for final approval. Council appointed Dale Smith and Tom Burton to represent Greenview on the ICF Committee with Shawn Acton as the alternative.

On October 22, 2018 Council agreed to a new agreement with the M.D of Smoky River and Big Lakes County for the Little Smoky Recreation Area. Administration requested that Council terminate participation in The Little Smoky Ski Hill Agreement (AG35-08) signed July 4, 2008, and the Agreement regarding the Little Smoky Ski Area (AG54- 14) signed September 22, 2014 between the M.D of Greenview and the M.D of Smoky River and request the M.D of Smoky River waive any notice of termination requirements associated with both agreements. Greenview’s official withdrawal from these agreements will allow us to continue with the new agreement, while allowing the M.D of Smoky River to continue using the previous funding agreements with parties that are not included in the new Little Smoky Recreation Area agreement. Council approved the motions as presented.

Council was asked to award the Grande Cache Site Identification Study to EDS Group Inc. of Spruce Grove, Alberta in the amount of $90,150.00. Council defeated the motion as presented. A new motion that Council move forward with the Grande Cache Identification Study was also defeated.

For several years the Municipal District of Greenview has provided funding to the Towns of Valleyview, Grande Cache, and Fox Creek. The amount of base funding has increased over the years and yearly amounts increase or decrease based on changes to Greenview’s assessment. Council tabled the motion in regard to the Community Development Initiative Agreement with the Town of Fox Creek and the Town of Valleyview until the next Regular Council meeting on November 26, 2018. Council authorized Administration to make a payment to the Town of Grande Cache in the amount of $2,700,000.00 in lieu of 2018 Community Development Initiative funding.

Confirmation regarding the dissolution of the Town of Grande Cache has not been received from the Province. Despite this, Greenview continues to make preparations for absorbing the municipality of Grande Cache. To this end, Administration is seeking Council’s approval to negotiate and enter into an agreement with the Town’s current Chief Administrative Officer so as to retain that individual in order to assist with the transition. The agreement will be dependent upon the dissolution of the Town and its length will depend on the date of dissolution. Council authorized the Chief Administrative Officer to negotiate and enter into an agreement with Denise Thompson for the provision of transition services related to the dissolution of the Town of Grande Cache.

The professional Society of Local Government Managers regulates the practices of local government managers and ensures its members act in the best public interest. Under Alberta Statute, the Society sets practice standards along with remedial actions. As well, the Society recognizes professional managers with a Certified Local Government Managers (CLGM) designation. Each year the Society holds a professional development conference attended by municipal staff. Session topics general include items from legal and legislative education to leadership and ethics. Council approved sponsorship of $1,000.00 to the Society of Local Government Managers Conference, with funds to come from Council’s 2018 Hospitality Budget.

Greenview hosted the annual Stakeholder Outreach Event at Shot Shell Shooting Range south of Valleyview on Thursday, September 20, 2018. The Sporting Clays Tournament was held to raise funds for Valleyview’s  Lila’s Angels Travel Foundation. Administration requested that Council donate the excess amount of $1,030.61 from the Stakeholder Outreach Sporting Clays Event Budget to Lila’s Angels Travel Foundation. Councillor Bill Smith requested a recorded vote. Council tabled the motion until the November 26, 2018 Regular Council meeting and requested Administration to present an updated budget balance sheet.

Infrastructure and Planning

The Road Allowance Restrictions policy was initially presented to Council for approval at the Regular Council meeting on October 22, 2018. Council tabled the Road Allowance Restriction policy pending the addition of a clause indicating that individuals that are requesting to make changes to a road allowance must own both sides of the road allowance, or hold a long term lease or official agreement with the landowner. The new clause has been included in the revised policy. Council approved the “Road Allowance Restrictions” policy as presented.

Community Services

Andrew Goldberg from Alberta Environment and Parks made a presentation to Council on the proposed South Wapiti  Public Land Use  Zone (PLUZ). This is an area of public land to which legislative controls apply under authority of the Public Land Administration Regulation, to assist in the management of industrial, commercial and recreational land uses and resources. Recently, Alberta Environment and Parks have identified an area south of Grande Prairie and entering into the Grovedale area as a desirable location for a PLUZ designation. Council accepted the information as presented.

The FCSS Board approved the revised Home Support Policy on October 17. The revised Policy 5001 Home Support Policy was presented to Council, the revised policy has been updated to current policy standards. The original policy was largely incorporated and additional information was included as far as program costs, services provided, and responsibilities of the Board and of FCSS personnel to provide additional clarity to clients looking to utilize this service. Council tabled the Home Support policy for amendments to be presented at a later date.

The revised Scholarships Policy was presented to Council. Council made a number of suggested revisions to the Draft Scholarships Policy at the Committee of the Whole meeting September 15. Council determined that they wanted to dedicate $25,000 annually to scholarship funding. They also determined that they wanted two streams of funding available: $1500.00 for 2 year trades/apprenticeship programs and $2,500.00 for 4 year college or university programs. The scholarship money will be divided based on applications within the limit Council established. Council approved the Scholarships policy as presented and repealed Policies CO 18 and 19.

Council authorized Administration to purchase 2.28 acres located on NW12 – 72 -1 W6M, with the purchase price not to exceed $65,000.00. Council also authorized Administration to transfer $65,000.00 from contingency reserves for the purpose of purchasing the 2.28 acres located on NW12 – 72 – 1 W6M. The purchase of the 2.28 acres will allow the senior’s housing buildings to be relocated approximately 150 meters north, the same street which they are currently located on.

Evergreens Foundation has provided correspondence to inform Administration that the Alberta Government Department of Seniors and Housing requested that the Evergreens Foundation assume operations of the Pembina Housing Authority. This will be a 51 unit addition to the Government owned properties that the Foundation manages. These additional properties are funded in their entirety by the Provincial Program and in no way impact Greenview’s municipal requisition. Council approved the motion as presented.

Administrative Items

Council accepted the Manager’s Report as information as presented.

Events and Meetings

  • Regular Council Meeting: November 26, 2018.
  • Committee of the Whole: January 21, 2019 at DeBolt Public Service Building
  • Municipal Planning Commission: January 15, 2019
  • Agricultural Services Board (ASB): November 21, 2018.
  • Green View FCSS: November 21, 2018 at the Community Resource Centre (FCSS) Board Room.

Unless otherwise specified, all meetings (except FCSS meetings) take place in the Council Chambers at the Administration Building in Valleyview beginning at 9:00 am. ASB and FCSS meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. FCSS meetings take place at the Green View Community Resource Centre. The public and media are welcome to attend our meetings in person or view the agendas and minutes online at

Media inquiries may be directed to Greenview’s Communications on 780-524-7600.