Council Highlights October 9, 2018

Council Meeting Highlights 2018.10.09

Budget Reviews

Council reviewed and provided input to Administration regarding the proposed 2019 to 2021 Facilities Maintenance Consolidated Budget. Council accepted the proposed Budget for information as presented and asked administration to make several alterations.

Council reviewed and provided input to Administration regarding the proposed 2019 to 2021 Economic Development Consolidated Budget. Council accepted the proposed Budget for information as presented.

Council tabled the proposed 2019 to 2021 Recreation Services Consolidated Budget to the October 22 Regular Council Meeting.

Council reviewed and provided input to Administration regarding the 2018 2nd Quarter Financial ‘Actual compared to Budget’ Report. Council accepted the report for information as presented.

Environmental Services

Council was asked to award the Grovedale Water Supply System Contract #2 to Clarke Builders in the amount of $9,655,765.00, funds to come from Environmental Services 2018 Capital Budget. Council tabled the motion and asked Administration to provide further information.

Protective Services

Council gave a second reading to Bylaw 18-799 “Animal Control Bylaw.” Greenview’s current Bylaw regulating animal control is from 2003 (Bylaw 03-408) and focuses solely on regulating dogs in the municipality. The new Bylaw encompasses dogs, cats and other animals that may be running at large or causing nuisance in Greenview. It establishes a fee schedule for offenses under the Bylaw. In its current state, the Bylaw is enforceable across the entire municipality.

Greenview currently contracts the County of Grande Prairie to supply animal control services. As such, Administration based the proposed Animal Control Bylaw based on the County’s current bylaw to align it as closely as possible with the County to ensure enforceability, while meeting the needs of Greenview residents.

The Grovedale Fire Department has recently expressed concern regarding non-fire department staff such as contractors working within the building and Administration accessing the kitchen/lounge and truck floor areas of the Grovedale Public Service Building. They requested additional door locks be installed to restrict access to these areas. Council instructed administration to work with the Fire Department on an equitable arrangement to allocate an exclusive area for the Grovedale Fire Department within the PSB and to report back to Council at the October 22, 2018 regular Council meeting.

Planning and Development

Council has expressed an interest in possibly obtaining land from the province in order to increase the availability of industrial land in the Grovedale area. Council directed Administration to pursue the purchase of public land, NE 35-68-6 W6 and the NW 36-68-6 W6, in the Grovedale area for industrial development, once Alberta Environment and Parks has reviewed their application to purchase process.

Big Lakes County and the Town of High Prairie have invited the M.D. of Greenview to join a regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB). This regional SDAB would allow for the participating municipalities to ensure an adequate number of trained members are available to hear appeals. Historically, Greenview has had no shortage of SDAB members, Council directed administration to respond to Big Lakes County and the Town of High Prairie declining the invitation to join a regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.


Council authorized Administration to provide grass cutting services on the 4.72 acres of Municipal Reserve located within the Landry Heights subdivision at SE15 – 70 – 6 – W6M.

During recent years, the Swan Lake Recreation Area has experienced a high level of use. With large numbers of people utilizing the site, Administration has received various complaints about users contravening regulations under
Bylaw 16-765 Parks and Recreation Protection. The most prominent issues being identified is that users are overstaying the 14 night maximum limit outlined in the Bylaw. In an effort to curb this behaviour, Administration has attempted to educate users through upgraded signage and face to face conversations when on site, however, issues continue to persist. Council authorized Administration to implement a camper registration program for Swan Lake.

Corporate Services

Three “Tax Forfeiture” properties have been transferred into Greenview’s name, as per Section 424 of the Municipal Government Act and can now be sold by Greenview. These properties must be sold for a price that is as reasonably close to “Fair Market Value” as possible. Council directed Administration to sell the three properties at fair market value, , these lots are identified as NE-19-70-23-W5, Plan 725TR Block 1 Lot 2 – Tax Roll 147119, NE-19-70-23-W5, Plan 725TR Block 1 Lot 3 – Tax Roll 147118 and NE-19-70-23-W5, Plan 725TR Block 1 Lot 4 – Tax Roll 147117.

CAO Services

Mr. Wayne Drysdale, MLA for Grande Prairie-Wapiti provided his annual update to Council on several issues. Council accepted the presentation as information.

Council supported the request from Birch Hills County for an extension from Municipal Affairs for the Intermunicipal Collaborative Framework (ICF) and Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) with Birch Hills County under Ministerial Order MSL:047/18. Greenview received a similar request from the M.D of Smoky River and Council made a resolution in support of the timeline extension. Administration recommended Council endorse the request to allow Administration the additional time to conduct ICF and IDP discussions, and in the interest of maintaining positive relationships with neighbouring municipalities.

Greenview has received correspondence from Keith McLaughlin, Chief of Staff to the Honourable Shaye Anderson, Minister of Municipal Affairs. Mr. McLaughlin is currently organizing meetings with the Minister to take place at the upcoming RMA Fall Convention. Council were asked to respond by October 24th. Council directed Administration to arrange a meeting with Minister Anderson.

Council provided direction to Administration to continue staff introduction of new staff members to Council at the Committee of the Whole Meetings in Grovedale or Grande Cache and Regular Council Meetings.

Ministerial Order MSL:047/18 provides an exemption from IDPs for municipalities whose shared border is provincial crown land. Yellowhead County requested that they be exempt from creating an ICF and IDP with Greenview as our shared boundary is crown land on both sides and there are no shared services. Council agreed to apply the exemption from Municipal Government Act Section 631, as per Ministerial Order MSL:047/18 #1, as both Yellowhead County and the M.D of Greenview have a common boundary comprised entirely of provincial crown land.

Council accept the CAO/Managers’ Report for information, as presented.

Infrastructure and Planning

Councillor Bill Smith declared a pecuniary interest. Big Meadow Ranch grazing lease is celebrating its 100th year and is currently now just over 5000 acres and is split in half by the 700 Road. The current owners support the construction of the road but are faced with some serious safety concerns for their assisting ranch hands as well as with the current status that was left between the past owner and the MD. Council authorized Administration to construct two farmland access approaches to the Big Meadow Grazing Lease.


Council approved the “sale of” or “donation of” surplus equipment A90, A106, A162, A109, A115 and T65 to the Town of Grande Cache, they also approved the auction of surplus equipment A127, A142, A156 at an Auction in Alberta. Council approved the following units A88, A116, A112, A120, A121, A126, A145, and A146 will be kept in Greenview’s fleet and replaced at a later date.

Community Services

Council authorized Administration to enter into a maintenance agreement for the Sturgeon Heights Cemetery with the Diocese of Athabasca, to be administered through the Sturgeon Heights Community Club.

Council approved an operating grant in the amount $4,500.00 for a three years of maintenance and operation and capital grant in the amount of $1,000.00 to the Sturgeon Heights Community Club for the Sturgeon Heights Cemetery, pending an endorsed agreement with the Diocese of Athabasca, with funds to come from the 2018 Community Service Miscellaneous Budget.

Administrative Items

Events and Meetings

  • Regular Council Meeting: October 22, 2018.
  • Committee of the Whole: October 15, 2018 at the Eagle’s Nest Hall in Grande Cache at 10:00 a.m.
  • Municipal Planning Commission: October 10, 2018.
  • Agricultural Services Board (ASB): October 24, 2018.
  • Green View FCSS: October 17, 2018 at the Community Resource Centre (FCSS) Board Room.

Unless otherwise specified, all meetings (except FCSS meetings) take place in the Council Chambers at the Administration Building in Valleyview beginning at 9:00 am. ASB and FCSS meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. FCSS meetings take place at the Green View Community Resource Centre. The public and media are welcome to attend our meetings in person or view the agendas and minutes online at

Media inquiries may be directed to Greenview’s Communications on 780-524-7600.