Council Highlights August 27th

Council Meeting Highlights 2018.08.27

Environmental Services
The Sturgeon Heights Lagoon Expansion Project contract was awarded to Roughrider Civil Infrastructure Ltd. for $658,617 with funds to come from the Environmental Services 2018 Capital Budget. Roughrider provided the lowest compliant bid for the project. Council also requested a report regarding the engineering design and services for the Sturgeon Heights Lagoon Expansion be brought back to a future meeting. If the project uses contingency funds, Council directed Administration to provide a report explaining why the contingency is being used.

The Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance is developing the Wapiti River Source Water Protection Plan and has invited Greenview to participate. The project team will investigate potential hazards to water quality in the Wapiti River Watershed. The team will determine the severity of the potential hazards and develop ways to reduce negative impacts on water quality. Gary Couch, Manager of Environmental Services, was appointed as Greenview’s representative.

Environmental Services provided a report to Council regarding the Water Point Restriction Policy. Several landowners have raised concerns regarding the amount of water that is available for purchase from the water points. Water use restrictions vary depending upon the aquifer with daily limits linked to the recovery time for each well. All of Greenview’s water points are issued licences under the provincial Water Act which identify the location of the diversion site, volume, rate and timing of water to be diverted. To ensure all licence conditions are met and that water will be available for all customers, a daily limit per customer of 5 cubic metres has been implemented. The primary goal of the water points is to provide access to potable for residential use. The restrictions apply to all users including residential, agricultural, and commercial. A usage report regarding the capacity of each well, number of households using the water points, and possible recommendations on the amounts of water allowed to be withdrawn will be brought back to a future Council meeting.

Planning & Development
Greenview received a Residential Road Access Application for a property located at NW-8-70-19-W5M on Township Road 702 as part of a subdivision application. Subdivision applications are decided by the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC), while Council is responsible for road access funding. The road access project would be 575 metres in length with a cost of $250,000. A motion for Greenview to build and fund the road access project was defeated by Council. The municipality is required to provide residential road access to the property line, additional road construction costs within a property are the responsibility of the developer. Existing municipal policy requires developers to provide a security deposit for residential road construction and ensure that roads meet Greenview’s construction design standards. Several Councillors expressed concerns that the developer is responsible for construction costs for residential access. Following Council’s review of road access to the property, the subdivision application will now be considered by MPC for their decision. 2 Council Highlights

The DeBolt Community Walking Trail will receive $54,000 in additional funding with funds to come from the Recreation Budget. Construction cost estimates for the walking trails have increased since the project was initially proposed and the budget will be similar to the Ridgevalley Walking Trails which were completed recently. Five contractors from the Expression of Interest list were contacted with a request for quotes and only two quotes were received. Construction will begin in late August or early September of this year.

Phase One of the Moody’s Crossing Recreation Area Tender has been awarded to Mainline Construction from Grande Prairie for $525,831.31 with funding to come from the Recreation Capital Budget. The first phase of Moody’s Crossing includes development of the access road, day use area, parking lot and a camping loop with sixteen campsites. Mainline Construction is the lowest bidder that has met all of the requirements of the tender.

Greenview will re-tender Bridge File 75356 for the Young’s Point Road in 2019. Council previously passed a motion to fund this bridge replacement with $770,305 from the Capital Infrastructure Reserve and complete the work before the end of the 2018 construction season. Greenview received two bids for this project which were significantly higher than previous estimates and one bid was disqualified as incomplete. Greenview Administration plans to retender the project in 2019. The existing culvert will be repaired to ensure that it doesn’t fail prior to the complete replacement next year.

Community Services
Council accepted the Edna Stevenson and Laura DeBolt Manor Relocation Report for information. The manors are located on the bank of the DeBolt Creek in the Hamlet of DeBolt and are operated by the Grande Spirit Foundation. The properties are owned by Alberta Social Housing Corporation (ASHC) with eight self-contained living accommodation units for seniors. Slope stability concerns in recent years led to all residents being moved out of the properties in 2016. Further studies have determined that the buildings are too close to the creek bank to be safe to live in and it would not be cost effective to stabilize the creek bank.

It is important to note that the buildings were constructed in the 1970s and may not be able to be relocated without considerable repairs and upgrades. ASHC has indicated they may fund moving the buildings if Greenview secures alternate serviced land and the Grande Spirit Foundation continues to operate the facilities. Upon an extensive review of the available land within DeBolt, Administration determined that were no suitable parcels of land exist within the hamlet. A parcel of land on the northwest border is available and could be municipally serviced. Administration recommends further investigation regarding the cost effectiveness of moving the buildings compared to other options. Council directed Administration to negotiate an offer to purchase on Roll 39386 in the Hamlet of DeBolt.

The Little Smoky Community Hall requested assistance from Greenview to improve the parging and surface drainage at their facility. Council discussed the request and a proposed motion to have Greenview staff and equipment complete the work was defeated. Administration will direct Little Smoky Hall to apply for a grant to complete the work.

The Louis Delorme Memorial Committee will receive $5,000 to support youth programs in the Grande Cache area. The committee is hosting the Rocky Mountain Fall Classic Slow Pitch Tournament from September 1 to 3, 2018. Their goal is to help make organized sports, arts and cultural activities accessible to all youth in the Grande Cache Co-operatives and Enterprises. The funds will come from the 2018 Miscellaneous Grants Program. Greenview, Alberta 3

Administrative Items
Greenview will send a letter in support of an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) and Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) Timeline Extension to the Municipal District of Smoky River. Municipal Affairs has granted an extension on the deadline for the Rural ICF and IDP projects until April 1, 2021. Smoky River would like to utilize this time extension. All parties must agree to apply for the extension by Council resolution, and file their resolutions with the Minister within 90 days of approval.

The Revised Investments Policy 1503 was approved as presented. The policy has been updated to reflect best practices and recommendations from Greenview’s financial advisor ATB Financial Services. An Investment Schedule has been added to clearly show the types and percentage of investments that are acceptable for Greenview’s Investments.

An Assistant General Manager, Infrastructure and Planning position has been created to ensure more efficient distribution of workload. Recruitment for the position will begin in Fall 2018.

The Town of Sexsmith Regional Growth Study will receive a letter of support in principle from the Municipal District of Greenview. The letter of support does not imply a need to contribute financially to future projects.

The Big Lakes – Greenview ICF Negotiation Committee has been formed. Council appointed Reeve Dale Gervais, and Councillors Shawn Acton and Dale Smith as Greenview’s representatives.

Greenview Councillors have been invited to the 2018 AUMA Convention from September 26 to 28, 2018. The Town of Valleyview has shared an invitation with Council and the Towns of Fox Creek and Grande Cache typically invite Greenview Council to attend as well. Council agreed to send Reeve Dale Gervais, Councillor Shawn Acton and Councillor Winston Delorme to the 2018 AUMA Convention as guests of the towns, should invites be received.

Events and Meetings
• Regular Council Meeting: September 10, 2018.
• Committee of the Whole: September 17, 2018 at the DeBolt Public Services Building at 10:00 a.m.
• Municipal Planning Commission: September 11, 2018.
• Agricultural Services Board (ASB): August 29 2018.
• Green View FCSS: September 19, 2018 at the Community Resource Centre (FCSS) Board Room.

Unless otherwise specified, all meetings (except FCSS meetings) take place in the Council Chambers at the Administration Building in Valleyview beginning at 9:00 am. ASB and FCSS meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. FCSS meetings take place at the Green View Community Resource Centre. The public and media are welcome to attend our meetings in person or view the agendas and minutes online at

Media inquiries may be directed to Diane Carter, Communications Officer, at 780-524-7625 or 780-524-6584 (mobile).