Pest Inspections to Begin in Greenview

Pest inspections will soon be taking place in Greenview for the 2018 season.  Please be advised that the Pest Inspectors based in Greenview’s Valleyview and Grovedale offices will be out and about conducting various surveys, including surveys for clubroot and grasshoppers, on municipal and private lands.  You may see a white Greenview vehicle near your property and an inspector in a high visibility vest performing pest inspections, so please be considerate of their safety.

Please keep in mind that the Pest Control Act grants an inspector right of entry onto private land during reasonable hours (Alberta Pest Control Act RSA 2000 cA-8, Section 22).  The Agriculture Department of Greenview believes that a courtesy should be extended to land owners of what is happening on their property.  Greenview promotes a “Door Knocking” program by which we attempt to make contact with land owners during the pest inspection season, while inspections are taking place (where practical).

If you would like more information regarding the Pest Inspection Program, please visit the Greenview website at or telephone the Agriculture Department at 780-524-7621 or toll free at 1-888-524-7601.  For more information about the Pest Control Act and Regulations, they can be found at the Queens Printer website at