Tall Buttercup/Burdock Control Incentive Program

Are you having a problem with Tall Buttercup? Did you know that under the Alberta Weed Control Act that it is designated a noxious and must be controlled? Did you know this plant is also toxic to livestock?

Greenview has a new Buttercup/Burdock Control Incentive Program! There are information packages available at the Field Services Office in Valleyview as well as the Grovedale Operations Office, or clink on this link!

Other methods of control:
– Grazing is not recommended as the plant is toxic.
– Cultivation (multiple times in a season) and seeding to an annual crop has proven effective, buttercup does not persist under cultivation
– Mowing prior to seed set can assist in reduction, however it needs to be timely to prevent further spread of the plant.
– Hand picking of individual plants is suitable for small infestations (ensure gloves are worn as this plant may cause blistering)
– Use of a herbicide registered to control Tall Buttercup