Facility and Community Clean up Fundraising Opportunity

Greenview is providing an opportunity for Community-Recognized Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) to apply for a fundraising cleanup project at Greenview’s identified transfer stations and landfill sites in return for a pre-established, advertised, financial donation to the NPO.

Community-Recognized Non-Profit Organization-Greenview based organizations (may include but are not limited to: school, sports, youth, and seniors groups) with an identified non-profit mission, operation or purpose and are commonly or traditionally know in/to the community. Preference will be given to Greenview-based (including Valleyview, Fox Creek &Grande Cache) NPOs. Other NPOs will be considered if openings remain.

Greenview will pay up to $1,500.00 depending on the size of the cleanup for the following sites:

  • Little Smoky Transfer Station
  • Sweathouse Transfer Station
  • Sunset House Transfer Station
  • New Fish Creek Transfer Station
  • Sturgeon Heights Transfer Station
  • DeBolt Transfer Station
  • Puskwaskau Transfer Station
  • Grovedale Transfer Station
  • South Wapiti Transfer Station

Greenview Regional Landfill: Greenview will pay up to $2,000.00 depending on the size of the cleanup for this site.

To apply for this fundraiser please complete the application and send the completed form to Zachary.Sarling@mdgreenview.ab.ca or drop it off at the Valleyview/Grovedale Administration building.

For more information please contact
Zachary Sarling, Solid Waste Labourer at 780-552-4671.