Dog Safety in Greenview

We have received a number of complaints about dogs roaming in the hamlets including the Grovedale area, one of the complaints involved a serious biting incident. For the protection of public safety and to preserve quality of life, a Dog Control Bylaw has been in effect in Greenview since 2003 which applies to populated areas including the hamlets and some subdivisions. Under the bylaw Greenview residents and visitors are reminded that all dogs must be on a leash when out in public and be under the effective control of the owner at all times. Any vicious dogs must also be muzzled. Animal waste is not permitted on any public or private property other than the property of its owner and must be immediately cleaned up.

Fines for infractions of the Dog Control Bylaw range from $50 to $100 for first offences and then double for any repeat offences and can range up to $2,500. The Animal Control Officer may seize animals at large or capture and impound any dog which is believed to have committed an offence under this bylaw.  Impounded dogs will be kept for 72 hours, not including weekends or statutory holidays and owners can reclaim them upon payment of any fines and fees. After this period the dog may be sold to cover any costs incurred, if the dog cannot be sold it may be euthanized within a reasonable time.

For more information and a copy of the bylaw go to the Enforcement Services Page