Spring Flooding Update #13

Today Greenview has cancelled the information alert for overland flooding. We now have 17 roads closed throughout Greenview and 4 hazardous locations that are identified. The flooding risks from high stream flow have also subsided. Updates will be provided periodically through our website and social media networks as new roads reopen.

Many surface hazards have been addressed and are being repaired. It is anticipated that most road repairs will be completed in one to two weeks. A few areas have sustained serious damages and will remain marked as hazards with signage so that drivers are aware. Long term repairs for these areas will be scheduled throughout the 2018 construction season.

New sinkholes have started to appear now that the flood waters have subsided and the ground settles. To report areas of concern, call Operations at 780-524-7602 or contact the area supervisor for your region: Ron Pollack at 780-524-7607 for Valleyview, Sunset House, Sweathouse, New Fish Creek, Ridgevalley, and Little Smoky; or Robert Kazakawich at 780-524-6086 for DeBolt, Puskwaskau, Grovedale and Grande Cache.

Below are the statistics as of this morning May 4th:

  • New Fish Creek Area: 4 hazards, 0 closed roads.
  • Valleyview North: 0 hazards.
  • Valleyview South: 2 hazards, 0 roads closed.
  • Sunset House and Sweathouse Area: 0 hazards, 3 closed roads.
  • Little Smoky Area: 0 hazards, 1 closed road.
  • Ridgevalley Area: 0 hazards.
  • Crooked Creek: 0 hazards.
  • Puskwaskau: 10 hazards and 2 closed roads.
  • DeBolt: 9 hazards, 9 closed roads.
  • Grovedale: 9 hazards, 2 closed roads.

Total: Today there are 34 hazards and 17 closures. Yesterday there were 41 hazards and 22 roads closed.

Spring Flooding Impacted Roads May4, 2018

2018 Spring Flood Map – Update 13