Spring Flooding Update #12

Flood conditions continue to improve throughout Greenview. Several roads have reopened and hazards have been repaired in the past 24 hours. We now have 22 roads closed throughout Greenview and 41 hazardous locations that are identified and being monitored in Greenview’s municipal roadways. An AEMA information alert remains in effect. No new road closures or hazards in the past 24 hours.

Staff continue to monitor the water levels of streams and rivers throughout Greenview, there are currently no extreme flood threats due to high stream flow. As locations are approved to reopen barricades and signs will be removed. Do not move or drive through barricades or cut hazard tape. Repair work has begun and roads along school bus routes will be prioritized. Greenview staff have repaired a significant number of locations in the past 24 hours. Some roads require substantial repairs and will remain closed until further notice.

Field staff are responding to flood calls and our Operations Department is tracking areas at risk. To report a concern you can reach Operations at 780-524-7602 or contact the area supervisor for your region: Ron Pollack at 780-524-7607 for Valleyview, Sunset House, Sweathouse, New Fish Creek, Ridgevalley, and Little Smoky; or Robert Kazakawich at 780-524-6086 for DeBolt, Puskwaskau, Grovedale and Grande Cache.

Flood conditions in the Hamlets of DeBolt and Ridgevalley have stabilized, municipal water and sewer systems are operating well with the current high water volumes. A significant water event such as rain fall could challenge the systems again. It is still important to not pump flood water into the municipal sewer systems.

Spring Flooding Impacted Roads May 3, 2018

2018 Spring Flood Map – Update 12