January 22, 2018

Council Meeting Highlights 2018.01.22


Alberta Transportation and Castleglenn Consultants provided a presentation to Council regarding the Fox Creek Highway 43 Corridor Realignment along the town site. There are currently 8 intersections spaced less than 1.6 km in between, whereas the current standard is a minimum of 3 km between intersections. The ideal spacing for intersections in a rural setting is 8 to 16 km between interchanges. Possible locations for interchanges are the Bigstone Road, north of Kaybob Drive, and near the airport road. Traffic counts for Fox Creek indicate that 7,000 vehicles per day are currently travel along the corridor. In the past decade, Fox Creek Highway 43 traffic has averaged 1.5 per cent traffic growth year over year. An open house was held in Fox Creek on Thursday to discuss the proposal.

Mountain Metis Nation Association provided a presentation to Council regarding their Youth Connections school outreach program. Council approved $59,000 in funding for the project.

Denise Thompson, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Grande Cache, provided a verbal report to Council regarding the Grande Cache Medical Clinic. Council accepted the presentation for information.

Grants and Sponsorships

  • Greenview will provide $500 in sponsorship to the Community Futures Women in the North Conference in Peace River April 11-12, 2018.
  • The Cranberry Rodeo Association will receive $10,000 in operating funding.
  • Council approved silver sponsorship to Northwest Regional Skills Canada in the amount of $3,000.

Funding Decisions

Council authorized capital funding to the Grovedale Daycare Facility in the amount of $440,000 to establish a building for the daycare to operate in. The funding amount will be taken from the Contingency Reserve and transferred to the Community Services Miscellaneous Grant Budget. Funding is contingent upon Greenview entering into an agreement with the Grovedale Daycare Society.

Council authorized Administration to enter into a land purchase agreement for 12.32 acres located at NE 32 69 6 W6M in the amount of $55,000 to be used for the development of the Grovedale Water Treatment Plant.

Alberta Community Partnership Application Support

Greenview Council agreed to support the County of Grande Prairie’s and the Municipal District of Smoky River’s applications to the Alberta Community Partnership Grant Program Intermunicipal Collaboration Component for assistance in developing an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework and Intermunicipal Collaboration Bylaw as required by the Government of Alberta within the Modernized Municipal Government Act.

Administrative Items

Council directed Administration to send a letter to Alberta Transportation expressing Greenview’s dissatisfaction on the level of service that is being provided on all of the three digit highways in Greenview.

Council directed Administration to invite grant recipients to make presentations to Committee of the Whole regarding their organizations.

Council approved the sale of a surplus pickup truck, Unit A134, to the Peace Country Beef and Forage Association for the sum of $10,000.

The following policies were approved by Council.

  • A new policy regarding Clubroot in Canola (Policy 6308) was approved by Council. Clubroot has been identified in tested fields within the Sunset House area. Clubroot is a pest under the Agricultural Pests Act and must be addressed to prevent its spread. The policy establishes a management plan to prevent or minimize the spread and impact of clubroot in Greenview. It follows the Alberta Clubroot Management Plan and the Peace Region Agriculture Service Board Regional Minimum Standards. Affected producers have been notified and have agreed to follow the recommended management plan, which includes a four year crop rotation cycle where the affected land will not be used to cultivate canola for three years and in following years, the producer must plant clubroot resistant varieties of canola. Greenview will provide education to agriculture producers to assist in identifying and preventing clubroot. For information on Clubroot, go to the Agriculture Services page and click on the links for Pest Control and Crop Pests.
  • The Wolf Harvest Incentive Program (Policy 6306) was approved following revisions to clarify “eligible participants” to identify registered landowners in Greenview or their designate. A second definition of “financial compensation” was included to provide clarity. Other revisions were primarily housekeeping in nature to update and clarify existing procedures. Greenview will also be hosting the “Think Like a Wolf” seminar on January 29 to 30 in Grovedale. The workshop will provide information on how trappers, farmers, hunters and neighbours can work together to manage wolf predation.

Council considered the following Bylaws:

  • The Operating Line of Credit Bylaw (Bylaw 18-788) passed third reading. The bylaw must be passed each year as a routine administrative procedure.
  • Council requested a meeting with Administration to review Land Use Bylaw 17-779. The bylaw was tabled until after Council meets with Administration to allow an opportunity to review concerns that have been raised regarding the updated Land Use Bylaw.

Council appointed Anne Nichols and Robert Amundson to Little Smoky Cemetery Committee.

The Communications Department provided a report to Council regarding the costs of Billboard Advertising. In 2018 Greenview will continue with the long term rental of temporary billboard signage in seven high traffic locations throughout the municipality to increase awareness of municipal programs and services.

Council directed Administration to draft a resolution for submission to the AAMDC District 4 Zone Meeting regarding the need to change the Alberta Energy Tenure System to better suit the needs of unconventional oil and gas exploration and align with other requirements such as the Species at Risk Act.

Events and Meetings

  • Regular Council Meeting: February 12 and 22, 2018
  • Committee of the Whole: February 20, 2018.
  • Municipal Planning Commission: February 13, 2018.
  • Green View FCSS: February 21, 2018.
  • Agricultural Services Board (ASB): February 28, 2018.

Unless otherwise specified, all meetings (except FCSS meetings) take place in the Council Chambers at the Administration Building in Valleyview beginning at 9:00 am. ASB and FCSS meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. FCSS meetings take place at the Green View Community Resource Centre. The public and media are welcome to attend our meetings in person or view the agendas and minutes online at www.mdgreenview.ab.ca/governance.

Media inquiries may be directed to Diane Carter, Communications Officer at 780.524.7625.