Ditching and Brushing Near Pipelines

Greenview and Transcanada would like to remind everyone working in the vicinity of pipelines to take extra caution and to get the appropriate agreements and approvals in place before commencing work. Brushing and ditching poses a significant risk to pipelines as it removes topsoil. Brushing equipment is also a potential risk to pipelines due to the substantial weight. Extending from either side of the pipeline centerline is a space, formerly known as a safety zone, called the prescribed area. Within this zone excavation using mechanical equipment requires approval which can be arranged by contacting Transcanada. For further information on working in the vicinity of pipelines visit albertaonecall.com, Download the Dig Info AB app or call 1.800.242.3447. 

Ditching Flyer –  Transcanada

Brushing Flyer – Transcanada